36 Words to use with anchoring

When we had quite finished, we had the anchor chain dealt out to us in fathoms, and scraped, pounded and polished that.

I'd sooner take look-out on the fo'cas'le in a North Sea gale than keep anchor watch in an African calm.

2°S. He ran along the coast to the S.S.E. from that time to the end of August, upwards of 500 leagues, finding a clean coast, free from shoals and rocks, with good anchoring ground, inhabited by a black people, with curled hair.

The essential parts of a special type of mine of recent design consist of (1) the mine proper, comprising the explosive charge and detonating apparatus in a spherical case; (2) a square-shaped anchor chamber, connected with the mine by a length of cable; (3) a plummet-weight used in placing the mine in position, connected with the anchor chamber by a rope.

On the other side anchor-lights tossed, and in the background a dull, reflected illumination indicated a town.

When the party returned to Point Venus, they found the refitting nearly complete, but the anchor stocks all had to be renewed owing to the ravages of the sea worms, so Banks and Monkhouse made an excursion up the river on which the camp was situated.

Now, for the second time, after an absence of three years, Hugh was at home in all the dignity of navy blue, anchor buttons, glazed cap, and sword.

Squall after squall had dashed the rain upon my verandas during the night, and I could faintly hear the voices of the men on the schooners as they strove to fend their vessels from the coral embankment, or hauled at anchor-ropes to get more sea-room.

The little creature thus described sometimes propelled itself with great activity, with a curious rolling motion, by the lashing of the front cilium, while the second cilium trailed behind; sometimes it anchored itself by the hinder cilium and was spun round by the working of the other, its motions resembling those of an anchor buoy in a heavy sea.

The admiral ordered them to take the boat and carry out an anchor astern, to warp the vessel off.

Half hidden in a sheltered bay, Where tiny skiffs at anchor ride, How different is the scene to-day Reflected in its waveless tide, From that which this historic foss Showed mailèd soldiers of the Cross!

Here also were the magnetic-anchor release and the air-skid pump control; here were telephonic connections with the wireless-room and with the fore-and-aft observation pits, where observers were already lying on their cushions upon the heavy, metal-reinforced glass floor-plates.

Anchors aweigh.

The gong signaled stand by, stop; he shut the valve and presently heard the anchor plunge and the rattle of running chain.

In Margao, I concentrated on at least one off-beat, human-interest, interview-based or photo-story per day, carried usually boxed or in anchor position.

Lifting one's eyes away from the little town, the white pier sprawls on the, sea, and countless boats at anchor spot with darkness the shining water.

Beyond the bar the land-wind dies, The prows becharmed at anchor swim: A summer night; the stars withdrawn look down Fair eve of battle grim.

The Mussel which makes such long anchor-threads might be called "the silkworm of the sea.

The boat was more buoyant, and with the sea-anchor trailing, they came through the trial without injury.

Then the same cable was made fast to a sturdy fir, the engineer stood by, and the ponderous machine slid forward on its own skids, like an up-ended barrel on a sled, down off the scow, up the bank, smashing brush, branches, dead roots, all that stood in its path, drawing steadily up to the anchor tree as the cable spooled up on the drum.

His description of the ship's sailing and anchoring were most amusing: he used to say, "Ship walkwalkall nighthard walkthen by and by, anchor tumble down."

With sails full set, the ship her anchor weighs; Strange names shine out beneath her figure-head: What glad farewells with eager eyes are said!

When her wheels rested on the bottom her anchor-weights were pulled completely into their wells, so that they would not interfere with her movements.

The anchor was dropped and men on the ship pulled in the anchor line.

Tell him that if he wants to come, the Golden Rod is waiting with her anchor apeak and her cargo aboard.

36 Words to use with  anchoring