13 Words to use with appealing

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SEE Nebraska citations, fourth edition. Shepard's New York court of appeals citations. Shepard's Wyoming table of cases and classified topical index.

The New Testament deals very little in appeals ad terrorem; and it would be well if some, who fancy that they follow it, would do the same, and by abstaining from making 'hell-fire' the chief incentive to virtue, cease from tempting many a poor fellow to enlist on the devil's side

It consists primarily of nine appeal judges, one for each of the nine circuits.

The events of the war, the long fits of hesitation on the part of both kings, and the repeated alternations from hostilities to truces and truces to hostilities, prevented anything from coming of this proposal, the authenticity of which has been questioned by M. Michelet amongst others, but the genuineness of which has been demonstrated by M. Adolph Despont, member of the appeal-court of Caen, in his learned Histoire du Cotentin.

In these appeals stress was laid upon the poverty of the frontiersmen, and their lack of ammunition.

In the upper part of the composition, the figure of the dead Redeemer lies extended on a white shroud; behind him stands the Virgin-mother, with her eyes raised to heaven, and sad appealing face, touched with so divine a sorrowso much of dignity in the midst of infinite anguish, that I know nothing finer in its way.

Woe and death unto those who believe not in my mission!" THE GERMAN APPEAL APPEAL TO THE CIVILISED WORLD

The appellee, when appealed of felony, pleads not guilty and throws down his glove, and declares he will defend the same by his body; the appellant takes up the glove, and replies that he is ready to make good the appeal body for body; and thereupon the appellee, taking the book in his right hand, makes oath as before mentioned.

Now he glances from man to man in an appeal defiant, yet pleading, pitiful to behold.

This appeal doubtless had its effect in demonstrating the absolute need of a repeal of the corn laws.

From it appeals lie, in some cases, to the Supreme Court, and, in others, they are referred to Congress for action.

13 Words to use with  appealing