21 Words to use with arches

* All through the year 1477 the three arch-conspirators were elaborating their plan of action.

Arch-bishops, bishops, vicars, canons, deans, chapters, curates, &c., constitute a list of ecclesiastical dignitaries whose functions are not very easily defined and comprehended by a stranger.

It was nothing of the sort: each was arranged and planned at Constantinople, as the official means, invented by the arch-butcher, Abdul Hamid, of maintaining in power the most devilish despotism that has ever disgraced the world.

The other three Electors, or arch-chancellors, provided at their own expense the silver baton, weighing twelve marks, suspended to which one of them carried the seals of the empire.

Moving homeward, we floated under a lovely old bridge, whose three rose-toned arches date from the sixteenth centurythe age of the Great Moguls.

So were the Governor against whom New Zealanders inveighed as an arch-despot in 1848, and the popular leader denounced as arch-demagogue by some of the same New Zealanders thirty years afterwards.

Miss Hepzibah Tarbell, daughter of that arch-enemy of his kind, Deacon Joash T., attended only one of my lectures.

Villa officiated as arch-fiend on the grewsome occasion.

Count Forgách, the arch-forger of the Austrian Legation in Belgrade, was permanent Under-secretary in the Foreign Office, and as Count Berchtold's right hand and prompter in Balkan affairs, was directly responsible for the pronounced anti-Serb tendencies which have dominated the foreign policy of the Dual Monarchy since the rise of the Balkan League.

"Pretty pearl in sober setting, Where the arches garner shade!

This was that arch-intriguer who was seeking all the while, not the sceptre of the King, but the power of the King.

" "And didst not suffer these arch-knaves to live on and work their pestilent wills, Beltane?" "Sir, I did, but" "So art thrice a fool.

The press, the arch-liar, poured into the open mouth of the world the poisonous liquor of its stories of victories without retribution; Paris was decked as for a holiday; the houses streamed with the tricolour from top to bottom, and in the poorer quarters each garret window had its little penny flag, like a flower in the hair.

There was no light here except for the great Southern stars that shone below the abysses, and here and there in the chamber through the arches lights that moved furtively without the sound of footfall.

And not only was he thus handicapped by his birth; he had for tutor that arch-scoundrel Duboisthe "grovelling insect" who rarely opened his mouth without uttering a blasphemy or indecency, and who initiated his charge, while still a boy, into every base form of so-called pleasure.

Corbells, the projections from which the arches spring, usually cut in a fantastic face, or mask.

The storm had supplied me with water more than enough; so that I was spared that arch-torture of thirst which seems, in the memory of such sufferers, to absorb all others.

I said so, and the official read it aloud: "Between Eveena, daughter of Esmo dent Ecasfen, and reclamomortâ (the alleged arch-traveller), covenant: Eveena will live with in wedlock for two years, foregoing during that period the liberty to quit his house, or to receive any one therein save by his permission.

The double tier of arches bends gracefully over the blue torrent; meanwhile a pale light already floats in the diaphanous mist; a golden gauze undulates above the Gave; the aërial veil grows thin and will soon vanish.

A great noise of shouting, crying, clapping forms and cupboards, treble voices, bass voices, poured out of the schoolboys' windows; their life, bustle, and gaiety contrasted strangely with the quiet of those old men, creeping along in their black gowns under the ancient arches yonder, whose struggle of life was over, whose hope and noise and bustle had sunk into that grey calm.

The road descended again, crossing the Oued Fez by one of the fine old single-arch bridges that mark the architectural link between Morocco and Spain.

21 Words to use with  arches