14 Words to use with armour

and, finally, the gun and armour-plate manufacturers, the great merchants who clamour for greater markets, and the bankers who speculate on the Golden Age and the indemnity of war.

An Duke Ivo besiege it" "He shall find five hundred and more right doughty fellows, with Sir Richard of Wark and Sir Brian of Shand (that were armour-bearers to thy knightly sire) to keep him in play.

And lo! as she spread it also to the drying, there came to mine heart that the Maid did have only this one rough and thick garment, that did be the armour-suit, as I have told.

[Sidenote: The Slip of Paper] As we walked down the armour gallery she met a servant with a telegram, and while she stopped to read it I looked out of one of the windows.

Thus speaking, Beltane gave his horse the rein and forth they rode together out into the broad and open glade, their armour glinting in the sun; and immediately the dogs gave tongue, louder, fiercer than before.

How oft a random shaft Striketh King Truth betwixt the armour-joints!

An armour patch on the sloping top of a turret might have escaped attention if it had not been pointed out.

The presentment of Lorenzo in armour brooding and planning is more splendid than that of Giuliano; while the old man, whose head anticipates everything that is considered most original in Rodin's work, is among the best of Michelangelo's statuary.

The five ships of the Hansa class have no fighting value; the three large cruisers of the Prince class (Adalbert, Friedrich Karl, Heinrich) fulfil their purpose neither in speed, effective range, armament, nor armour-plating.

I am armour-proof against old discouragements.

I listen, half in thought to hear The Roman trumpet blow I search for glint of helm and spear Amidst the forest bough: And armour rings, and voices swell I hear the legion's tramp, And mark the lonely sentinel Who guards the lonely camp.

But what are those, said I, the unconquer'd nine, Who, crown'd with laurel-wreaths, in golden armour shine?

Here a sweet laughing face surmounts the hideous body of an imp, there the bright scales of an unearthly armour shrivel to rottenness and dust.

Presently before them the ground sloped sharply down, and while Beltane shouted warning to those behind, his voice was drowned in sudden trumpet-blast, and glancing to his left, he beheld at last all those knights and men-at-arms who had ridden with his father in their reserve all daya glittering column, rank on rank, at whose head, his sable armour agleam, his great, white charger leaping 'neath the spur, Duke Beltane rode.

14 Words to use with  armour