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8 Words to use with assaulting

The violence of its first assault burst, with a mighty sound, between the Po and the Ticinus.

No lust but finds him disarmed and fenceless, and with the least assault enters.

We know from papers taken from the enemy that the Turks believed General Allenby intended to go right up the plain to get to the defile leading to Messudieh and Nablus and thus threaten the Hedjaz railway, in which case the position of the enemy in the Holy City would be hopeless, and the Turks formed an assault group of three infantry divisions in the neighbourhood of Tul Keram to prevent this, and continued to hold on to Jerusalem.

[U.S.], shotgun; Uzzi, assault rifle, Kalashnikov. bow, crossbow, balister^, catapult, sling; battering ram &c (impulse) 276; gunnery; ballistics &c (propulsion)

The enemy made a determined attempt with two corps to retake Jerusalem, and while their finest assault troops melted away before the staunch defence of the 53rd and 60th Divisions, the 10th and 74th were pressing forward over the most precipitous country, brushing aside all opposition in order to relieve the pressure on our right.

Men that murderand assault women,won't keep their word.

His heavy assaulting column had been forced back with great slaughter; General Hooker had been wounded and borne from the field; General Mansfield, while forming his line, had been mortally wounded; and now, at nine o'clock, when the corps of General Sumner arrived, the prospect was depressing.

He, skill'd to crash, with one collective blow Sustain'd sedate the fierce assaulting foe.

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