47 Words to use with au

381 Cayenne 385 Celery 389 Chili 393 Cucumber 401 Gooseberry 1820 Horseradish 418 Mint 470 Raspberry 1828 Use of, by the Romans 451 Vol-au-vent, an entrée 1379 Of fresh strawberries with whipped cream 1381 Sweet, with fresh fruit 1380 Wafers, Geneva 1431

The first was called the Pres-de-Ville, the second the Sault-au-Matelot.

Where, then, is the dream, the au delà?

So Duchemin made short work of his dressing, his café-au-lait and half a roll, and hurried down to the drawing-room.

23Nov50, A50255; this is an English translation of L'Invitation au chateau by Jean Anouilh.

To this lady the Countess entrusted the education of her granddaughters' minds, while for their physical training she provided another teacher in the person of a clever little Parisian dancing mistress, who had set up at the West-End of London as a teacher of dancing and calisthenics, and had utterly failed to find pupils enough to pay her rent and keep her modest pot-au-feu going.

Le petit clavier; initiation au piano.

Besides au naturel, however, they may enter with advantage into quite a variety of dishesto thicken and enrich soups, to take the place of bread crumbs in savouries, and to contrive quite a number of new and excellent puddings.

When they flooded with radiance the unpaved streets of Port-au-Prince

Elle n'a qu'une robe au monde, Landerirette!

Guillaume au coeur de chevalier.

Her husband, The-au-o-too, a warrior favorably inclined toward the white man, was thoughtful and attentive; and the good minister wondered that the savage did not restrain these unwomanly demonstrations upon his squaw's part.

And, through the win-ter's cold and snow, We trust-ed that God's care would bring The green and ten-der blade in spring, Which che-rished by the sun and rain Of sum-mer, now has yield-ed grain In au-tumn, when the reap-er leaves His cot to cut and bind the sheaves, And load with them the nod-ding wain Which bears them home-ward from the plain.

The order was to arrest, without exception, all the ci-devant Noblessse, men, women, and children, in the departments of the Somme, North, and Pas de Calais, and to exclude them rigourously from all external communication(mettre au secret).

Monsieur Robineau looked the soul of good nature, ready to chirrup over his grog-au-vin, to smoke a pipe with his neighbor, to cut a harmless joke or enjoy a harmless frolic, as cheerfully as any little tailor that ever lived; Madame Robineau, on the contrary, preserved a dreadful dignity, and looked as if she could laugh at nothing on this side of the grave.

Dear me no Dears: wou'd your old Mother were alive, she wou'd have strapt your Just-au-corps, for puleing after Cavaliers and Nobleman, i'faith, that wou'd she; a Citizen's Daughter, and would be a Madonain good time.

PATRIOTIQUE, qui appartient au patriote; qui exprime le patriotisme.

Mademoiselle Josephine, au plaisir.

At the far end of the room was a great generaldrinking croûte-au-pot with the simple appetite of a French poiluwho would have been a splendid mark for anyone careless of his own life and upholding the law of frightfulness as a divine sanction for assassination.

Moi, je lui réponds qu'oui; cela va tout de suite; et il n'y a peut-être que vous de fille au monde pour qui ce oui- ne soit pas vrai.

Porcon partit, mais il ne fit qu'à contre-coeur au roi les propositions du dey, et il les aurait vues à regret acceptées.

During that short promenade on foot, we encountered the whole Ninth Territorial Regimentnot under arms but au repos.

There were au revoirs and handshakes all round, and messages, too, for one and another.

"Je n'en veux pas, Cléone, au sceptre d'Arménie" (Nicomède, I. 347).

Axe, Wag-á-kwut, Nah-bah-gun. 2. Point, Na-au-shi, Sin-gang.

47 Words to use with  au