12 Words to use with av

"'Shure,' he said, ''tis the bhlood av thim as ould Black Mick 'way back in the ould days kilt in their shlape.

"So we kissed like a pair av girls, and off he was driven, leavin' a great hollow inside the rim av the hills.

And my makeup's one of these av-iation costumes to go with the song, see?

An' this very blessed mornin' av light I was strook onsensible an' left a livin' corpse, an' my lodgin's penethrated an' all the thruck mishandled an' bruk up behind me back.

Over there in Ireland we're very fond av peace, Though we break the heads

In the first place, I'm seventy-five dollars poorer than I was last night; in the second, poor old Skipper's been given some kind av poison that's made him so sick I doubt he'll get over it.

The things out av me pockuts were lyin' on the flure by meall barrin' the key av me room.

The mistress was that pleased with her morals an' her mannersso loidy-loike!she gave her the job that shlip av a Jane had; wid an advance av salary on the sphot.

ye're th' quarest gang av softmores Oi iver saw!" cried the driver.

"From av-ver-lasstin'THOU ART GAWD!

So whin he asked me was I new to London an' shud I kape in the same line av business, I towld him

Up on that box wit' you, an' kape out av Jimmy Shovel's road, or I'll be the death av yez!

12 Words to use with  av