300 Words to use with baby

Then came Mary carrying a baby girl and a bundle of food.

On a Sunday or fete day, when whole families are coming in from a day at the Bois, one often sees a young husband wheeling a baby-carriage, or carrying a baby in his arms to let the poor mother have a rest.

There was joy at the thought of seeing again the brave young husband whom she had wedded in the little village church two years before, and from whom the parting had been so bitter, when he left her, just before the birth of their baby boy, to seek work in the Belgian capital.

Mother & baby care in pictures.

NURSING O hush, my little baby brother; Sleep, my love, upon my knee.

Why, if I'd have met a girl like you ten years ago, I'd have made you the baby doll of the Pacific Coast.

God grant that they may recover the childlike heart, and replace with it that childish heart which pulls to pieces at its own irreverent fancy the most ancient and sacred institutions, to build up ever fresh baby-houses out of the fragments, as a child does with its broken toys.

She might be a disappointing character, but he knew well that she was full of love; he remembered her eyes when, nearly a year ago, up in the mist and sweetness of April on the Unakas, she had told him of the baby sister and the other little ones.

When her little one lifted his rosy baby face to hers she smothered him in caresses, that he might not see her tears; and her husband failed to note the change, for the Senate sat in unbroken session and the permitted absences from the Council Chambers of the Republic barely sufficed for sleep.

she asked, with baby eyes of wonder, which no longer deceived, but angered.

I knowed in reason she'd have baby clothes that she couldn't expect to wear out on her own chillen.

He turned his head towards her, and flickered his baby hands, and cooed with that indescribable voice that goes to every woman's heart.

"This reads today like baby-talk but at that time (eighteen years ago), it was considered by many timid conservative scientists as 'a daring movement.'

Yes, when first the heart's door opens To the touch of baby fingers, Quick the dimpled feet will bear them To the dearest place and warmest Plenty room enough for other Buds of beauty, buds of promise, In the heart's capacious chambers; But the first is firmly settled Little Harry's firmly settled In the centre of affection; Later ones must settle round him.

As for Mathieu, he saw that neither Norine nor Cecile had recognized Madame Beauchene under her veil, and so he quietly continued explaining to the former that he would take steps to secure for her from the Assistance Publiquethe official organization for the relief of the poora cradle and a supply of baby linen, as well as immediate pecuniary succor, since she undertook to keep and nurse her child.

A young baby cries.

He picked up the vegetable, made a profound bow to the sender, juggled it cleverly with his training wand, one-two-three, and turned the tables completely as the smart baby elephant caught it on the fly.

Peace, cry not so, my dearest love; Hush, my baby-bird, lie still.

BEATY, JOHN Y. The baby whale, Sharp Ears.

Startled by the sweet, baby voice, Evadne looked up to find a pair of laughing blue eyes peeping sympathetically at her.

"After I had taken a good look 'round, I sealed lengths of baby ribbon across the windows, along the walls, over the pictures, and over the fireplace and the wall closets.

After dinner, with coffee, a bear made its appearance in the drawing-room, a "baby bear" they said, but I didn't think it looked very small.

"Football is no baby play, and somebody is bound to get hurt.

All this elementary geometry has, of course, been learned "baby fashion," in a purely experimental way, but nothing will have to be unlearned when the pupil approaches geometry later in a more thoroughly scientific spirit.

Lois Lenski (A); 1Oct57; R200086. Two brothers and their baby sitter.

300 Words to use with  baby
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