22 Words to use with balanced

In fact, the two good runs ought to have made the disappointing balance sheet he must shortly submit to the shareholders look a little better.

It is the balance wheel of the Constitution, and to function it must be beyond the possibility of attack and destruction.

The balance piston is 21 inches in diameter.

FOOTE, LEWIS A. The Adap-table system, daily balance interest tables on a 365 day basis.

R73330, 24Jan51, John Taintor Foote, Jr. (C) FOOTE, LEWIS A. Adap-table system daily balance interest tables.

The combined muscular force acted like a balance-weight of a wheel, and enabled that neat, finished somersault which always brought down the house.

This virtue is your own; but life and state Are one to Fortune subject, one to Fate: Equal to all, you justly frown or smile; 360 Nor hopes nor fears your steady hand beguile; Yourself our balance hold, the world's our isle.

Dans l'horrible balance les princes jetaient le dol, la violence, L'iniquité, l'horreur, le mal, le sang, le feu, Sa grande épée était le contre-poids de Dieu.

More, that is to say, of their hearts, their understandings, their idiosyncrasies, and their ultimate weight in the balance-pan of eternity.

The old balance pendulates againthe foot falls into the familiar step.

V. keep accounts, enter, post, book, credit, debit, carry over; take stock; balance accounts, make up accounts, square accounts, settle accounts, wind up accounts, cast up accounts; make accounts square, square accounts. bring to book, tax, surcharge and falsify.

3 is a front view of the valve chest and its contents, the cover, and also the balance plate for relieving the pressure on the back of the main valve (in the arrangement of which there is nothing new), being removed in order to show the valve stems, transverse yoke, sleeve, and spindle above described.

mankind are unco weak, An' little to be trusted; If self the wavering balance shake, It's rarely right adjusted!

So, Payson, Jr., protestingly acquired by part cash and balance credit a complete suit of what he scathingly described as "the barbarous panoply of death" and, turning himself into what he similarly called a "human catafalque," followed Payson, Sr., to the grave.

"The heiress of Myndert Van Beverout will not be a penniless bride, and Monsieur Barbérie did not close the books of life without taking good care of the balance-sheetbut yonder are those devils of ferrymen quitting the wharf without us!

On the other side of the balance stand Ani and his wife Thuthu with their heads reverently bent; they are depicted in human form, and wear garments and ornaments similar to those which they wore upon earth.

The engine and pump is a double-acting piston pump direct, without any rotary motion; with a perfect balance valve, it is balanced at all times, and hence the engine remains quiet without blocking, when at work.

; And this thy balance-weighing, the white glass And black, with equal poise and steadfast hand,

There is great difficulty in correcting the residual fault, not only because an inconceivably small movement of the weights on the balance-curve is required, but also because it endangers the equilibrium of the balance.

masc., § 30; subject of ἡν, § 76; balances clause, § 98. 6. καίconj., changed accent, § 5; position, § 98. 7. πρόςprep., lit., towards; gov. acc., § 27; accent, § 5. 8. τόνart., acc.

"Let's figure it out trial-balance fashion," said Whitney to his private secretary, Vagen.

This union of the government over all the provinces in two families so closely connected rendered the preponderance of the rulers too strong for that balance hitherto kept steady by the popular force.

22 Words to use with  balanced