102 Nouns for  baskets

102 Nouns for baskets

Never had she run so fastnot even during one of the basket ball games in which she had played, nor when they had races at the Sunday school picnic.

Here is a fine basket-work Norman font, and in the south aisle at the east end a vaulted chapel.

THE BASKET MAKER "A Man," says Seyavi of the campoodie, "must have a woman, but a woman who has a child will do very well."

We suggested the benefit likely to result from the prisoners being employed, and Major Longley [the Governor] intends to introduce basket-making.

It was a relief to know she need not pretend to Cartwright, who occupied a basket-chair opposite.

In the forties she managed to control the situation; in the fifties a frantic rush from within burst a string that fastened the basket lid, but the girl held it down with energy.

Basket-weaving, clay-modelling, raffia-work, fretwork, bent-ironwork, strip-woodwork, rug-making, painting, and brush-work, as well as different forms of needlework and embroidery, are all branches of handwork helpful in different degrees to these children.

If I did, I would be a basket case, especially back then.

Okanagan College staff donated $500 to the Salvation Army thanks to the IT Services gift basket raffle.

It is doubtful if the Blackfeet ever made any pottery or basket ware.


Basket stars (Euryalids) are large brittle stars with many rays.

Eliza was read by servants in the kitchen, by seamstresses, by basket-women, by 'prentices of all sorts, male and female, but mostly the latter.

It is the real basket willow, and if you cut it into stubs and stick them in the swamp, you can sell enough willow to buy all your baskets."

And that's really our main goal to have an even deeper customer relationship and to have a higher CLV, not just a higher basket size.

BRX 2"x8" and 4"x8" modules easily accommodate basket weave, herringbone, stack and running bond patterns in industrial, contemporary or traditional design settings.

OPEC puts daily basket price of crude at 62.52 a barrel on.

" The hobby-horse was a basket-horse used in morris-dances and May games.

The work basket embroidery book.

The Highland officers carry a silver-hilted version of the old barbarous Gaelic broadsword with a basket-hilt, which split the skulls of so many English soldiers at Killiecrankie and Prestonpans.

A disadvantage of basket designs is that the potting mix will dry out quickly.

The basket cradle strong.

gauge road, with 14 lb. rails, thirty basket wagons, and accessories for the transport of sugar cane, is 700l., and the total weight of this plant amounts to 35 tons.

Buso is saying a charm to make the stem of the bagkang-plant grow tall enough to form a handle for the betel-nut tree, so that the children may be dragged down (tubu, "grow;" baba, "rattan strap forming the basket-handle;" mamaa'n, "betel-nut").

The market woman with her basket drops in for a moment on her way home from the labor of her weary day.

Dick cleverly slipped his arm about her waist and set the basket endwise for her to sit on.

High on the bank lay one of the long cornucopia-shaped basket fish-traps, and presently he caught sight of something in the bleak Arctic landscape that made his heart jump, something that to Florida eyes looked familiar.

The cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is also called bachelor's button, or basket flower.

Apple-tarts were then my passionnow it is love, truth, liberty, and crab-soupand not far from the statue of the Prince Elector, at the theatre corner, generally stood a curiously constructed bow-legged fellow with a white apron, and a basket girt around him full of delightfully steaming apple-tarts, whose praises he well knew how to call out in an irresistible high treble voice, "Here you are!

a beautiful May-basket hanging on the latch for "Annie," full of pretty and good things.

It was characterized in the public imagination of Japan by the Fuke Zen monks playing the shakuhachi flute while wearing a large woven basket hat that covered their entire head as they went on pilgrimage.

Under me I felt the basket heave gently.

But when I carried them to see Will Atkins's basket-house, they owned they never saw such a piece of natural ingenuity before: I am sure, said one of the carpenters, the man that built this has no need of us; you need, Sir, do nothing but give him tools.

They may take our lives but they'll never take our basket ingredients!

For the toy and delicate breeds it is a good plan to have a dog-room set apart, with a suitable cage or basket-kennel for each dog.

[Illustration: Private Boxes] In Versailles Madame does her own marketing, her maidin sabots and neat but usually hideous capaccompanying her, basket laden.

To facilitate communication between the kitchen and the entrance-hall, so that articles of food, fuel, and the like may be carried up, a shaft runs in the partition between two houses, and carries a basket lift in all houses that are above two stories high.

I made my market long before 'twas night; My purse grew heavy and my basket light: Straight to the 'pothecary's shop I went, And in love-powder all my money spent.

The rest of the crowd were mainly peasantry with basket-loads of stuff for market; but there was a liberal sprinkling among them of all the odds and ends of the Levant, with a Jew here and there, the inevitable Russian priest, and a dozen odd lots, of as many nationalities, whom it would have been difficult to classify.

Those who remember the early times of Kentucky know that the place of the agricultural and mechanics' fairs of the present day was supplied by "big meetings," which, under the various names of associations, camp-meetings, and basket-meetings, continued in full popularity to a quite recent period, and were at last partially suppressed on account of the immorality which they occasioned and encouraged.

And then taking rooms at Marianne's and living where the basket mender has lived, I tell you, Sally, there is something behind that!

There's always some cause for gratitude in every evil, after all." "That's one way of looking at it," said Mrs. Lane, turning up the lamp and drawing her work-basket nearer.

As Red could discover no means in the town's resources to provide a meal for three hundred people it was necessarily a basket party, which struck Mr. Saunders as being grievously like a Swede treat.

Hand tooled basket pattern slobber straps by California Equine Products, Inc. Natural leather colour.

It can be accomplished with planning and organization, such as having all the new tee pads framed up ready to pour, powered auger for any new basket positions.

X2 can trap on either side of halfcourt, with the front-row player on that side, there is always a big to take away sideline, a big as basket protector, and the other guard drops middle.

Meanwhile the doctor and Esther, who had been so criminally careless of professional appearances as to drive down Main Street with a picnic basket protruding, were enjoying themselves with an enjoyment peculiar to careless people.

We have brought the coffee pot along so that we can have something warm to drink, since we must stay there all day with only lunch-basket provisions."

A basket arm chair down from stove, and a wooden chair beside it.

Before she quitted the hut at nightfall to roam abroad, she painted her face red and put on a mask of fir-branches, and in her hand, as she walked, she carried a basket-rattle to frighten ghosts and guard herself from evil.