55 Words to use with beams

A Quaker's not steady enough on his beam-ends, And a Shaker is bad for delirium tremens.

In the case of beam winds, moreover, the action of the screw, by the larger advance it gives to the vessel will enable the sails to intercept a larger column of wind in a given time.

With respect to the side lever engine, it may be described to be such a modification of the land beam engine already described, as will enable it to be got below the deck of a vessel.

A.A good many of the geared engines for screw vessels are made in the same manner as land engines, with a beam overhead, which by means of a connecting rod extending downwards, gives motion to the crank shaft, on which are set the cog wheels which give motion to pinions on the screw shaft,the teeth of the wheels being generally of wood and the teeth of the pinions of iron.

I bethink me, workman priest; It were best to pierce the wall Where the thickness is the least Nearer there the light-beams fall, Sooner with our dark to mix That niche where stands the Crucifix.

The convex surface is under tension, as in an ordinary beam test.

But, oh! within me lurks a golden beam, A beam celestial, and a silver din, As though imprisoned angels played within; Hushed in my heart my fragrant secret dwells; If thou wouldst learn it, Paul of Tarsus tells; No jangled brass nor tinkling cymbal sound, For in my bosom Charity is found.

That the chin hath shown By its dense honour, the brows' beam bipart: 'Tis Moses, when he left the Mount, with part, A great-part, of God's glory round him thrown. Such was the prophet when those sounding vast Waters he held suspense about him; such When he the sea barred, made it gulph his foe.

One edge of the beam breaks by extension, and the other edge by compression; and the upper and lower edges may be regarded as pillars, one of which is extended by the strain, and the other is compressed.

It is in them that the strength of the beam chiefly resides.

He then encrypted it and transmitted the result on a tight beam communicator to coordinates in space which he kept only in his head.

The heir of all the ages, the annihilator of time and space, who politely doubts the existence of his Maker, hears the roof-beams crack and strain above him, and scuttles about like a rabbit in a stoppered warren.

Or in the sun-beams dance!

Then the other followed, of twice the force of the first, in the same furrow, with a subsoil plough held to the work beam-deep.

Wide o'er the field, high blazing to the sky, Let numerous fires the absent sun supply, The flaming piles with plenteous fuel raise, Till the bright morn her purple beam displays; Lest, in the silence and the shades of night, Greece on her sable ships attempt her flight.

Such is that room which one rude beam divides, And naked rafters form the sloping sides; Where the vile bands that bind the thatch are seen, And lath and mud are all that lie between, Save one dull pane that coarsely patch'd gives way To the rude tempest, yet excludes the day: There, on a matted flock with dust o'erspread, The drooping wretch reclines his languid head!

A beam ethereal, sullied and absorbed!

High indignation filled her disdainful eye, eye-beam after eye-beam flashing at me.

She waited alone with faith, watching till it should come,left alone with this beam glimmering like a moth through darkness!for thus was a believer, or one who resolved on believing, left in that day, when he turned from the machinery of the Church, and stood alone, searching for God without the aid of priestly intervention.

The oaken roof is plain, and supported by very large beam-heads.

Then, since the wire and beam are both horizontal in their normal position, and since the center of gravity of the beam is immediately above or below the middle line of the wire, the torsional resistance of the latter tends to keep the beam horizontal and to limit its sensitiveness.

The loom beam, which is seen clearly immediately below the pressing rollers, is driven by friction because the surface speed of the yarn must be constant; hence, as the diameter over the yarn on the beam increases, the revolutions per minute of the beam must decrease, and a varying amount of slip takes place between the friction-discs and their flannels.

Thou feel'st the sunny influence Like Memnon's fabled lyre of old, And wanderest in the beam intense Which turns the liquid air to gold.

In the case of revolving journals the plan for cutting a cruciform channel for the distribution of the oil does not do much damage; but in other cases, as in beam journals, for instance, it is most injurious, and the brasses cannot wear well wherever the plan is pursued.

They that hae blood on their hands may rue Afore the day-beam kiss the dew.

55 Words to use with  beams
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