41 Words to use with beaver

He's dressed so fine, he's dressed so grand, A supple switch is in his hand; I've seen while I a-milking sat The shadow of his beaver hat.

We gave the owner of the team twenty-five beaver skins, equal to $60, for the use of the cattle, and he let us have them until we reached Junction City, sending his boy with us to bring them back.

This stream, with the broad alder marsh that stretches away on either side, was doubtless once a beaver dam; and we thought we could discover where these singular and sagacious animals had erected the structure that made for them an artificial lake.

"My estate is a small body of wild land; my influence extends little beyond this beaver meadow, and is confined to my own household, and some fifteen or twenty labourers; and as for the new rank of which you speak, it is not likely the colonists will care much for that, if they disregard the rights of the king.

Swiftly the water would fall, the surface ice would crash down, and the beaver houses would be left out of water.

It was broad day when he reached the edge of the great beaver pond that now completely surrounded the windfall under which Gray-Wolf's second-born had come into the world.

Sajo and the beaver people.

The beaver trail; stage guide for operetta.

The beaver trade, more than traffic in lumber and fish, had produced the village beyond the Piscataqua; yet in Maine, as in New Hampshire, there was "a great trade in deal boards.

While a part of the beaver colony was taking advantage of the water, others were felling trees end to end with the birch, laying the working frame of a dam a hundred feet in width.

I found them at the place above the beaver traps of the Ooniche.

I am a beaver-woman,

Beaver pioneers.

Slipping on his beaver jacket, he stepped outside and struck two blows on the great iron ring, a bent rail, that swung from its gibbet like a Chinese gong.

Mrs. Squeers, wearing a beaver bonnet of some antiquity on the top of a nightcap, stood at the desk, presiding over an immense basin of brimstone and treacle.

" Oh how shamed I wuz to hear such talk, but I sot demute for reasons named, and he sez agin, "I thought mebby you would want to be one of the attractions of the Pike, Samantha; I lay out to have livin' statutes adornin' the side of the lane leadin' up from the beaver medder to the horse trough.

Upon the opposite side were beaver mounds.

It's time I was up to the beaver runs this night and had my traps set.

"One of the bachelor-beaver sort, you bet," continued Texas.

When Ápi-k[)u]nni got near him, he dived under the water and came up close to the man, and thrust the beaver stick through his body, and the man fell down in the water and died.

This ground with Bacchus, that with Ceres suits; That other loads the trees with happy fruits, A fourth with grass, unbidden, decks the ground: Thus Tmolus is with yellow saffron crown'd; India black ebon and white iv'ry bears; And soft Idume weeps her od'rous tears: Thus Pontus sends her beaver stones from far:

The grass was matted down, and on the bare bits of ground showed beaver tracks.

The equipment of this strange band consisted of upwards of two hundred beaver-trapswhich are similar to our rat-traps, with this difference, that they have two springs and no teethseventy guns, a few articles for trade with the Indians, and a large supply of powder and ball; the wholemen, women, children, goods, and chattelsbeing carried on the backs of nearly four hundred horses.

This particular barrier was strange to Thor, and with his maturer knowledge of beaver ways he knew that his engineering friendswhom he ate only occasionallywere broadening their domain by building a new dam.

I have sent the skin of a female Nutria herewith, for your inspection, as regards the teats, &c. (from which the fur has been cut by machinery,) with a small sample of the belly fur, prepared for the covering of a hat; the wholesale price of the latter is now three guineas per lb.: it is used as a substitute for beaver-wool on second-rate hats.

41 Words to use with  beaver