9 Words to use with beggar

He cannot relish a beggar-man, or a gipsy, for thinking of the suitable improvement.

Looking at Mrs. Maxa, the beggar-woman said, "Yes, yes, children can make one happy enough when one has a home.

Thou hast this day saved a witch from cruel death and a lowly beggar-maid from shame.

The holocaust of wounded beggars description, but that eminent French painter, George Scott, told me an incident which came to his own notice.

"He came close up to me with a stick in his hand, and called me a dirty beggar-boy.

There are in the Hall of the Spanish Masters half a dozen of Murillo's inimitable beggar-groups.

'T is beggars banquets best define; 'T is thirsting vitalizes wine, Faith faints to understand.

We were a fortnight on the sea, wandering irrelevantly from port to port of the Levant, discharging a cargo of sugar; and all the while the poor beggar-pilgrims lived on the crusts of which they had sackfuls collected in Russia, crusts of black bread all gone green with mould.

And thereupon Sir Francis called to mind The beggar-witch that stood by the gateway And begged an alms.

9 Words to use with  beggar