7 Words to use with bella

Deign, bella donna, to go into my poor cabin, where we will speak more at our ease, and something more to our mutual profit and mutual security.

there is no room on the Canal Grande for the gondolas that come to the palazzofrom every casa in the 'Libro d'Oro'to win the favor of the donna nobile of the Giustiniani, for some bella donzella who shall be chosen for their young masterwho is like a prince, and will end one day in being Doge!

Tutta bella, e tutta buona, La padrona è un' angiolella Tutta buona e tutta bella; Tutta bella e tutta buona; Viva! viva la padrona!

Aeterna bella pace sublata gerunt.

[Footnote T: Videre Rhaeti bella sub Alpibus Drusum gerentem et Vindelici.

Presently a ring came at the bella telegram.

The 'triumph' of Bacchus and Ariadne, introduced with amorous nymphs and satyrs, has the refrain: Quant' è bella giovinezza, Che si fugge tuttavia!

7 Words to use with  bella