39 Words to use with berried

The Major crouched low in the berry bushes until the couple had passed by; then he rose and thoughtfully followed after them.

Back of the yard was a fairly good berry patch, but aside from that some two acres of corn and a small strip of timothy represented all that was fertile of the sixty acres the place contained.

WHOLE WHEAT BREAD.The materials needed for the bread are: one pint of milk, scalded and cooled, one quart of wheat berry flour, one pint Minnesota spring wheat flour, one third cup of a soft yeast, or one fourth cake of compressed yeast, dissolved in one third cup of cold water.

He chased the butterfly, he climbed the trees, he would stand in the rain, paint his cheeks with berry juice, dabble in the mud, and nothing was secure from his prying fingers and curious eyes.

" "And I should have stayed tangled in the black berry vines ever so long," she laughed.

Cautiously the Major approached the cabin, which seemed to have been built as a place for the berry pickers to assemble and pack their fruit.

GEORGE W. The stretch-berry smile.

My shoes were by this time in a woeful condition, my hat was crushed and bent, my shirt and trousers stained and torn, my hair had known no comb or brush since I left London, my face, neck, and hands, from unaccustomed exposure, were burnt to a berry-brown.

'Fore long, Joe whistled, and as I always take short cuts everywhar, I put in at the back-door, jest as Kitty come trottin' out of the pantry with a big berry-pie in her hand.

See berry dance if you stay long enough, perhaps a potlatch; do many things," said the Indian.

The Kadiak bear finds no trouble in getting all the food he wants during the berry season and during the run of the various kinds of salmon, which lasts from June until October.

what the other does for the Northern berry pasture.

"We cannot shake hands with you," said Mrs. Vaughn, her fingers red with the berry stain.

The berry intoxicates fish.

The roe deer scrape away the snow below the trees in search of alpenrose or bear berry leaves or dry blades of grass.

Line one pie-plate with rich pastry or cookie dough, pour on it the berry mixture, put in the oven and bake light brown; remove from the oven, spread with a meringue made of the white of the egg beaten stiff, and two tablespoons of sugar added.

They had long been known as a root-eating, berry-picking, inoffensive race when let alone, but now they seemed to descend on the cattle-range in a body and make their diet wholly of flesh.

Dat's de berry place whar we stopped at de end of our school, las' year.

Is there any thing the matter with him?" "Dat's de berry question.

Berries scarlet, about the size of red Currants, and ripe about September.

So he went out, and cut some sarvis berry shoots, and brought them in, and peeled the bark off them.

Mattermony is a berry solemn occerpashun; and there mustn't be no improper jokes at my uner with Neb Clawbonny.

Nothing but er pine thicket and er black berry thicket.

As might have been expected, a re-action took place, many parties were ruined, and berry trees may now be had for the trouble of digging them up.

A few bottles of "wild-berry wine," as Elizabeth Barrett called such fluids, were added to the dinner toward its close, and Marion begged permission to have her basket of cakes and fruits brought in for dessert, which else had been wanting to our repast; to which request Madame Grambeau graciously acceded.

39 Words to use with  berried