260 Words to use with birds

Also, a vision of a four-story brick house, nicely furnished,I actually saw many specific articles, curtains, sofas, tables, and others, and could draw the patterns of them at this moment,a brick house, I say, looking out on the water, with a fair parlor, and books and busts and pots of flowers and bird-cages, all complete; and at the window, looking on the water, two of us."Male

Fables drawn from bird life stand at the beginning of his Poetical Pieces on Several Occasions (see Vol.

The ground burst into bloom with magical rapidity, and the young forests into bird-song: life in every form warming and sweetening and growing richer as the years passed away over the mighty Sierra so lately suggestive of death and consummate desolation only.

Thy lips that often with love would soften, They beamed like blooms for the honey-bee; Thy voice came ringing like some bird singing When thou wert bringing thy gifts to me.

" The distant bird-note ceased, and then suddenly, from the bushes just ahead of them, it was caught up and answered, note for note, in a wild pibroch strain, harsher but inexpressibly moving.

He was a bird dog, and was never allowed to carry anything hard in his mouth, because it would make him hard-mouthed, and he would be apt to bite the birds when he was bringing them back to any person who was shooting with him.

Bird portraits in color.

Bird studies of old Cape May.

] ORIGIN OF THE CARROT.In its wild state, this vegetable is found plentifully in Britain, both in cultivated lands and by waysides, and is known by the name of birds-nest, from its umbels of fruit becoming incurved from a hollow cup, like a birds-nest.

SEE Zsolt, Bela. RITTENHOUSE, JESSIE B. The bird lovers anthology.

A bird sings from nature; George did not come into the world with a fiddle in his hand," says Mrs. Warrington, with a toss of her head.

The oncoming leaders through the medium of certain messengers and by placing their letters in coffins with dead bodies, in baskets full of fruit, or the reed traps of bird-catchers, learned all that was being done in the city and formed their plans accordingly.

"What a queer idea for a bird story.

The bees, of both extremes alike afraid, Their wax around the whistling crannies spread, And suck out clammy dews from herbs and flowers, To smear the chinks, and plaster up the pores; For this they hoard up glue, whose clinging drops, Like pitch or bird-lime, hang in stringy ropes.

"Then why in the name of Fortune don't you pay up?" "Because I had to pay all that to Noaks for bird-seed.

Then I got out a bird book, and looked till I found where it told about those birds.

Does he sing with vibratory notes and little runs, as in bird-music?

While crossing the bridge, February 22, I was surprised to notice two of them sitting upon a bird-box over the draw, which just then stood open for the passage of a tug-boat.

SEE Deck, Raymond S. DECK, RAYMOND S. Pageant in the sky; a book of the modern sport of bird-watching.

The story I have told of the two bird families and how they died is true.

Pa said: "If you will give me a shotgun loaded with bird shot, I will make those animals get on their knees at the next performance, and beg my pardon.

Green fingers playing Unseen on wind-lyres, Low singing bird voices, These are his choirs.

Bird hunting parties were common and were greatly enjoyed, by the young people especially.

They couldn't know much, of course, as young as they were, and being but bird things with stomachs, they just wanted something to eat.

With his back to Kaviak, the Boy, O'Flynn, and Potts crowding round him, Mac ripped open the little bird-skin pouch, and took out three objectsan ivory mannikin, a crow's feather, and a thing that Father Wills said was a seal-blood plug.

260 Words to use with  birds
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