7 Words to use with blackbirds

But the Poet himself, with his sensitive naturewho can fathom the profound depths of his soul now stirred by two such entrancing sights as the high-smoking blackbird-pie won by his own prowess, and the little monarch for whose sake all this was brought about?

how blackbird pipes to see the fun!

Meanwhile the wild blackbird startles across the way and singeth anew in some other shade.

Darning needles dodge in and out among the rushes in erratic flight, and a blackbird teeters up and down on a tulle stem while repeating over and over his pleasant "O-ko-lee.

There were sounds of sibilant dripping in the dim sedges; of alewives jumping by the side of our boat; of a sudden rush of blackbird wings; and of the evening breeze as it freshened in the bending blades.

A MAY MONODY Beside my opened window pane, Each morning in this month of May A blackbird sings in dulcet strain Two liquid notes, which seem to say "Come again! Come again!" Alike in sunshine and in rain, Now loud and clear, now soft and low, He warbles forth the same refrain, Which haunts me with its hint of woe, "Come again!

my chance came to go as recruiter on a blackbird brig.

7 Words to use with  blackbirds