61 Nouns for  blasting

61 Nouns for blasting

The wind was as hot as if from a blast-furnace; the air was thick and oppressive; the light of day was growing dim.

Near the smoke stack end of this pipe is a valve K or regulator moved by a handle p at the front of the boiler, and of which the purpose is to regulate the admission of the steam to the cylinder; f is a safety valve kept closed by springs; N is the eduction pipe, or, as it is commonly termed in locomotives, the blast pipe, by which the steam, escaping from the cylinder after the stroke has been performed, is projected up the chimney H.

City Council Ordinance 119805, issued by the City Council earlier this week, bans tear gas, blast balls and other anti-protest gear used to disperse crowds and protect officers when crowds turn violent.

Diameter of blast orifice 5-1/2 in.

Hot blast iron was at one time generally believed to be weaker than cold blast iron, but it is now questioned whether it is not the stronger of the two.

Physical blast injuries are divided into four categories, with a fifth for secondary illnesses caused by the blast, and a sixth category for the effects of associated post-blast psychological trauma such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

" "Aye, master," whispered Roger, "and look ye touch no tree as ye go; 'tis said they do grow from the bones of perished men, so touch them not lest some foul goblin blast thee."

The structures of the internal ears are most often affected by the blast wave, with perforated ear drums the most common injury.

The Army’s now underway LRPF program is grounded in an effort to engineer a host of new technologies to massively extend range, blast effects and guidance technology for artillery, rockets and missiles, among other weapons.

They are equally applicable if blast cylinders be employed.

The psychological trauma which may occur in explosive blast survivors includes post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

And when the cannon's iron throat Shall bear the news to dells remote, And trumpet-blast resound the note, That victory is won; While down the wind the banner drops, And bonfires blaze on mountain-tops, His sides shall glow with fierce delight, And ring glad peals from morn to night; Hurra!

As he is told what River did, the blast door opens to reveal River standing unhurt on an large pile of dead Reavers.

Delete the existing data for however many proteins your PSI-BLAST search has discovered in the MYSPE genome, and replace it with your protein's data.

When a soft muskeg swallowed the new track, he must watch, by the flaring blast-lamps, noisy ploughs throw showers of gravel from the ballast cars.

The gas collected on the top of the blast furnace is called blast furnace gas.

The 510-millimeter guns would have wreaked havoc on any existing (or planned) American or British battleships, but would also have caused substantial blast issues for the more delicate parts of the ship.

Baseball caps that blast laser beams on to the head, potent medicines, shampoos, serums, mousses and creams.

This belief rested on the assumption that the blast load was fully beyond our control.

Satellite images from June 9 and Aug. 5 show the power of the explosion at the port of Beirut with a large crater visible at the primary blast location, extensive destruction throughout the area, and a capsized passenger ship, the Orient Queen, nearby.

The most common fatal injury in victims who survive the initial blast is blast lung.

An unattached goat, a martyr to the radical theory of personal investigation, followed in the footsteps of infantile humanity, retired with even greater promptitude, and was fain to stay its stomach on a presumably empty rend-rock can, afterward going into seclusion behind McMullin's horse-shed, before the diuretic effect of tin flavored with blasting-powder could be observed by the attentive eye of science.

The dry ice blasting process is similar to sand, bead or soda blasting, but it is much gentler.

The test blast program and subsequent production blasting at B-Jetty encountered several technical challenges.

I can't explain what good blast proof doors do in a wooden structure.

Here, we describe these improvements to the BLAST report, discuss design decisions, describe other improvements to the search page and database documentation and outline plans for future development.

"It may work better as a row crop than some of the others because it does have some blast resistance, which can be a problem if you get it too dry, but it should work well in both of those systems," Moldenhauer said.

The appliances in connection with mining and metallurgy include a five-stamp battery, Blake crusher, automatic machine jigs, an engine pulverizer, a Root and a Sturtevant blower, with blast reverberating, wasting, cupellation, and fusion furnaces, and all other means for reducing ores.

The blasting-root, known in Germany as spring-wurzel, and by us as spring-wort, possesses similar virtues, for whatever lock is touched by it must yield.

Witnesses described the blast scene as gruesome.

She had, with his guidance, driven a locomotive across a shaking, half-braced bridge, fired a heavy blasting shot, and caught big gray trout from his canoe.

A friction of the firing line about to rush should, it practicable, avoid using the long blast signal as an aid to CEASE FIRING.

In cold remembrance of thy quick pursuit: Let me be made a reed, and ever mute, Nod to the waters fall, whilst every blast Sings through my slender leaves that I was chast.

Police cordoned off the area around the blast site, which was littered with debris.

Concrete which contains blast furnace slag is stronger than ordinary concrete and is almost pure white, where normal concrete is dirty grey.

The gas is then burned in special ovens called Cowper stoves or hot blast stoves into carbon dioxide.

Over 20 conference and journal papers have been published by EDAD staff on the IMPACT tests, ASME blast tests and IRIS numerical simulations.

An armor coupon is representative material of the integrated turret that could undergo parallel blast testing to validate the integrity of the material used.

Zat blast vos thunder!

As the bleak blast unfurls her fluttering vest, Cold beats the snow upon her shuddering breast; Through her numb'd limbs the chill sensations dart, 450 And the keen ice bolt trembles at her heart.

But as scary as the climb was, it's squeezing though the blast valve that really stuck with me as totally sucking balls.

Each of these new areas includes rising blast walls, which the players can trigger to rise and fortify their position.

Displacement of air by the explosion creates a blast wind that can throw victims against solid objects.

Beirut blast witness says it was 'most frightening 30 seconds of my life'

"Blast yer, Bill... Carn't yer give a bit of elber room?

Esper confirms Beirut blast accidental despite Trump claim of 'attack'

To put that in perspective, the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created and tested - the USSR's Tsar Bomba, whose detonation shattered windows and caved in roofs hundreds of miles from the blast zone - had a yield of 50 megatons.

Results showed that elasticity can significantly influence the breakup of a spray issuing from a co-axial air-blast atomizer operating at high aerodynamic Weber numbers (~1000).

It was as though a thunder-blast bore them along.

Then at a shrill blast Bowers wheels slightly to the left, his tent mates lead still farther out to get the distance for the picket lines; Oates and I stop behind Bowers and Evans, the two other sledges of our squad behind the two other of Bowers'.