9 Words to use with blue

The bankers blue book.

"There's some of that miserable pusley inching in on the baby-blue-eyes and they're such tiny things it doesn't take much to kill them.

MATNEY, IRENE. SEE Boogie woogie blues folio.

About the same time changes of colour take place in the adjacent darker portions of the surface, which become at first bluish, and later a decided blue-green; but by far the larger portion, including almost all the equatorial regions of the planet, remain always of a reddish-ochre tint.

A blues guitar kept time in the background.

Fighters, blues man, beauty, power at the edge, the American way.

Comedians will also submit their "gags" and comic scenes for blue-pencilling.

At once the clouds seemed to cleave asunder, and lift her in the centre of a black-blue vault.

Along the hedge-row's mossy bank, Where ivy green is creep-ing, We see through weeds and net-tles rank The dark-blue vi-o-let peep-ing.

9 Words to use with  blue