140 Words to use with boning

On the other hand, this poetry uses many direct and forcible metaphors, such as "wave-ropes" for ice, the "whale-road" or "swan-road" for the sea, the "foamy-necked floater" for a ship, the "war-adder" for an arrow, the "bone-house" for the body.

Potatoes are added for this purpose; but this is a comparatively harmless cheat, only reducing the nutritive property of the bread; but bone-dust and alum are also put in, which are far from harmless.

Sir WATSON CHEYNE, the newest Member of the House, pointed out that unfortunately all bone-setters were not BARKERS; and, fortified by this expert opinion, Mr. MACPHERSON declined to say more than that private soldiers might go to these unconventional practitioners at their own risk.

Apurbhai had a variety of organic manures like leaf mould, Karanji and bone meal besides ornamental plants, palms and creepers.

They frequently pass through bone tissue without splintering.

ALBEE, FRED H. Bone graft surgery in disease, injury and deformity.

Smith's Side-bone Saw (Old Pattern).

"It had a bun-bone handle," muttered the other, dreamily.

He had evidently struck a bone-yard, and "gad!"[E] wasn't he happy!

I was also to accompany the bone-hunters, and would have done so had it not been for the fact that just at that time I was ordered out with a small scouting party to go after some Indians.

Before them opened a broad field dotted with curious white disks, like bone buttons thrown on a green carpet.

It is plainly necessary that during this period of bone growth the nutrition of the body should be of the best, that the bones may be built up from pure blood, and supplied with all the materials for a large and durable framework.

The rival suitor was Mailou, a huge, muscular savage known as the "bone breaker."

Then, by continued use of the bone needles and sinews, they managed to make cloaks for themselves of the bearskins.

Koogah lifted his grizzled head from his bone-carving and followed the path of her eyes.

"None should be admitted, except he had broke his collar-bone thrice.

Notwithstanding some difficulties attending the manipulation of this instrument, Piney Woods managed to pluck several reluctant melodies from its keys, to an accompaniment by the Innocent on a pair of bone castanets.

A few bone knives and necklaces of bone have been met with in these deposits, but thus far no human bones.

And with the warmer days my strength too increased, and though I dared not yet stand, my leg had ceased to pain me, except for some sharp twinges now and then, which Elzevir said were caused by the bone setting.

The frontal bone forms the forehead and front of the head.

She does not like to camp outsays she is afraid of getting break-bone fever.

Roy Blakeley's funny-bone hike; illustrated by R. Emmett Owen.

Stow says, "that in the moneth of May, the citizens of London, of all estates, lightlie in every parish, or sometimes two or three parishes joyning together, had their severall Mayinges, and did fetch in Maypoles, with divers warlike showes, with good archers, morrice-dancers, and other devices for pastime all the day long, and towards the evening they had stage-playes and bone-fires in the streetes.

This is bone-earth, which we are at our wits' end to get for our grain and pulse; which we are importing, as expensive bones, all the way from Buenos Ayres.

Red bone woman.

140 Words to use with  boning
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