131 Words to use with bosom

not only as its compassionate and active spirit was the guide of his pursuits, but as one of its prime ornaments was his favourite associate and his bosom-friend.

Fitfully, and in flashes, through his soul, Like sun-lit tempests, troubled transports roll; His bosom heaves, his Spirit towers amain, [120] Beyond the senses and their little reign.

vainly fears Thy flooded cheek to wet them with its tears; No tears can chill them, and no bosom warms, Thy breast their death-bed, coffined in thine arms!

Verty leaned more and more upon his instrument, listening to it as to some one speaking to him, his eyes closed, his bosom heaving, his under lip compressed sorrowfully as he dreamed.

And there are seen dishevelled locks clasped by the lily hand; And snowy throat and bosom bare, revealed in public, stand; And in their drowsy disarray, and in their anxious fear, Each Moorish lady is surprised with many a sudden tear; And many a heart was filled that night with feverish unrest, As one tall maid looked through the pane with white and heaving breast.

" Here ceased the MUSE, and dropp'd her tuneful shell, Tumultuous woes her panting bosom swell, 465 O'er her flush'd cheek

And one is clasped in her slender hand, and one on her bosom lies, And two rare blushing buds loop up her light brown hair, Ah, roses of June, you never looked on a face so white and fair, Such perfectly moulded lips, such sweet and heavenly eyes.

And he said: "Thrice happy is the wall, and happy is the bar, Tho' from my fond embraces, Zaida, it keeps thee far; For long as thou shalt live on earth, my Zaida, thou art mine; And the heart that in my bosom beats, long as it beats, is thine.

The Moor is filled with desperate rage, for he sees the hour is fled When day by day the dazzling ray of sunlight gilds that head, And he stops to brood in desperate mood, for her alone he yearns Can aught soothe the fire of fierce desire with which his bosom burns.

* Adeliza's arrival in Pandemonium, as Belial had planned, occurred immediately after the receipt of a message from Lucifer, in whose bosom love had finally gained the victory, and who had telegraphed his abdication and resignation of Madam Lucifer to Adeliza's betrothed.

Old brands of malice in thy bosom rest: Thou shalt have leave to leave me, never doubt.

As, in the sunshine of the morn, A butterfly (but newly born) Sat proudly perking on a rose; With pert conceit his bosom glows; His wings (all-glorious to behold) Bedropp'd with azure, jet, and gold, Wide he displays; the spangled dew Reflects his eyes, and various hue.

That heavenly voice I more delight to hear Than gentle airs to breathe; or swelling waves Against the sounding rocks their bosoms tear; Or whistling reeds that rutty Jordan laves, And with their verdure his white head embraves; adorns.

IN TEMPTATION Jesu, lover of my soul, Let me to Thy bosom fly, While the nearer waters roll, While the tempest still is high!

No sweet affection to thy bosom cling, And bid thee oft thy absent nest bewail?

No thirst or hunger pangs my bosom rent I only longed to have her by my side.

" Had Eve been told that the man who uttered this nice sentiment, and that too in accents as uncouth and provincial as the thought was finished and lucid, actually presumed to think of her as his bosom companion, it is not easy to say which would have predominated in her mind, mirth or resentment.

Never from the field of combat, Never from the deadly fray, Was a nobler trophy carried Than we bring with us to-day; Never, since the valiant Douglas On his dauntless bosom bore Good King Robert's heartthe priceless To our dear Redeemer's shore!

Aye free, aff-han', your story tell, When wi a bosom crony; But still keep something to yoursel Ye scarcely tell to ony.

Blood and treasure, poured out like water, have been the beginnings of retribution in one case; a deeper and more vital punishment, such as belongs to bosom-sins, awaits us in the other.

Yes, let my memory still With joy thy bosom fill; For, though thou dost along life's desert roam, My spirit, like a star, Bright burning and afar, Shall guide thee, through the darkness, to thy home HOPE.

With eager wish I pine in vain; O for relief from constant pain, Which through my bosom thrills!

This only is the passion that can my bosom rend; 'Tis this alone that makes me long for death, my sufferings end.

While I my husband do not see, Sorrow must my bosom wring.

He sees Malavika, and finds her more beautiful even than her pictureher face like the harvest moon, her bosom firm and swelling, her waist small enough to span with the hand, her hips big, her toes beautifully curved.

131 Words to use with  bosom