59 Words to use with bottle

Hold for a few moments, in the neck of the bottle, two or three lighted matches, and when they have filled the bottle neck with gas, and before they go out, remove them very quickly; instantly cork the bottle closely, and dip it in bottle cement.

His fat face and pursed lips, with his bottle nose

As to the surgery, with its oilcloth floor and walls made hideous with gaudy insurance show-cards in sham gilt frames, its aspect was so revolting that I flew to the day-book for distraction, and was still busily entering the morning's visits when the bottle-boy, Adolphus, entered stealthily to announce lunch.

I went on board the <i>Lizzie and Annie,</i> and down in the cabin I found a bottle o' whisky, as the skipper 'ad said.

I am the Duke's bottle-holder; Denslow and wife accept that function for the chivalrous Adonaïs.

how, "being wearied with watching the gambolling sheep, he laid himself down in the meadow to sleep, and never awoke till a blue-bottle fly, who buzzing about so tickled his eye that sleep fled away.

A noted gambler was once as much an object of admiration in South America as a six-bottle man was in England fifty years ago.

Wherever the young trees are at all sheltered, they grow up straight and arrowy, with delicately tapered bole, and ascending branches terminated with glossy, bottle-brush tassels.

SEE Rollins, Carl P. BAILEY, H. C. The bottle party.

Your Dane is a good joker and a hearty bottle companion.

I found a wine bottle half full, and took a deep drink.

"They would choose bottle-green" she said, in horror; and she salved her conscience by paying for the redecoration of the drawing-rooms out of her own pocket.

Bacchus, Baccha, Bacchum: God Bacchus, God fat-back, Baron of double beer and bottle ale, Come in and show thy nose that is nothing pale: Back, back, that God barrel-belly may enter.

<pb id='165.png' /> Pop-bottle barrage.

When I was a child I came near killing myself one night by going to bed with two large bottle-corks thrust into my nostrils, to make them large, like other boys'; and have made my mouth sore by stretching it with my fingers, or forcing melon-rinds into it, to enlarge it.

At his feet wandered a path, rankly matted with burnt weeds, and bordered with green bottle-ends, the "dimples" choked with discs of mud.

A tour of the bottle fields.

The joint is fixed to an iron hook, which is suspended by a chain connected with a wheel, and which, in its turn, is connected with the bottle-jack.

VANDRE, CARL. Carl Vandre fife, jug, and bottle band method.

Thus we find Dr. Newman remembering his early Oxford dislike of "the bigoted two-bottle orthodox."

It was as though the bottle saint had gone and the service was over.

At 1.45 entered a well-grassed plain with limestone ridges covered with bottle-tree scrub; the grass was good at this season, green but much mixed with salsola; the summits of Peak Range showed well above the ridges, and from the cliff around the tops seem to be capped with sandstone or more probably porphyry.

The royal nurse said to herself, and privately told his little royal highness's chief bottle-washer that she "never see a infant as took notice so, and sneezed as intelligent."

of foot, committed July 29, 1817, charged on suspicion of having feloniously broken into the dwelling house of James Crowder at Barton, no person being therein, and stealing 1 bottle green coat, 1 velveteen jacket, 3 waistcoats, &c. GuiltyDeath.

They wanted to stay up and watch the water in the bottle freeze.

59 Words to use with  bottle