84 Words to use with breath

"Cap'n Rose," she vowed mournfully, "I've lived in this house fer many, many years, an' all the while I been here I never hearn tell o' a breath o' scandal ag'in' the place until yew come an' commenced ter kick up yer heels.

So roll your incense, herbs, and fruits, and flowers, In mingled clouds to Him, whose sun exalts, Whose breath perfumes you, and whose pencil paints.

Thel answered: 'O thou little Virgin of the peaceful valley, Giving to those that cannot crave, the voiceless, the o'er-tired; Thy breath doth nourish the innocent lamb, he smells thy milky garments, He crops thy flowers while thou sittest smiling in his face, Wiping his mild and meekin mouth from all contagious taints.

The torrent's breath hath spread its blight On every darkened room, And oozing mosses drip decay Through corridors of gloom, While Ruin lays a subtle snare On many a yielding rail and stair.

He heard her breath catch, and as if some impalpable and joyous spirit rushed to meet and mingle with his, something from her, a spirit as warm as the fire, as faintly, keenly sweet as an air from a night-dark, unseen garden blowing in his face.

24. relates it, married the king of Denmark's daughter, [5720]"and after he had used her as a wife one night, because her breath stunk, they say, or for some other secret fault, sent her back again to her father."

He drew the good yew bow quickly, and quickly loosed a shaft; so short was the time that no man could draw a breath betwixt the drawing and the shooting; yet his arrow lodged nearer the center than the other by twice the length of a barleycorn.

Oh, might the visionary youth survive, I should with joy my latest breath resign!

The sharp pain maddened him, and his grip tightened so fiercely that he heard the breath whistle from his opponent's lungs.

The scorching furnace-breath winds shrivelled every blade of grass, dust and the moan of starving stock filled the air, vegetables became a thing of the past.

Thou,who by my breath art blighted, Who, in his spirit's depths affrighted, Trembles, a crush'd and writhing worm!

I gae a walkin' in the city, and the walls o' the hooses press in upon me as if they would be squeezing the breath frae ma body.

With a clutch, he seizes her at the feeble seat of life; and as the breath ceases and her whole body becomes again inert, he stoops to pull off the ring, which can have no especial value or meaning for himand then, repiling the cushions over her, creeps forth again, takes up the bottles, and disappears from the house.

The landscape is wearing a mantle of white, Its verdure lies wither'd and hidden from sight, Rude Borean blasts bleakly blow o'er the hills, 'Till the life-current, coursing, his icy-breath chills.

No sweet breath circulates; no summer scents of grasses and flowers reach the lonely town hung up so high.

But soon the Forest Children pressed their faces against the panes to watch for Helma, and as the minutes passed breath-clouds formed there, spreading and deepening until the glass sparkled no more.

Enthron'd, supreme in judgment, mercy sits, And, in one breath condemns, applauds, acquits: Whoe'er thou art, that shalt this face survey, And turn, with cold disgust, thine eyes away. Then bless thyself, that sloth and ignorance bred Thee up in safety, and with plenty fed, Peace to thy mem'ry!

Coffee has become colonized in France and America; the Pipe is a cosmopolite, and his blue, joyous breath congeals under the Arctic Circle, or melts languidly into the soft airs of the Polynesian Isles; but the Bath, that sensuous elysium which cradled the dreams of Plato, and the visions of Zoroaster, and the solemn meditations of Mahomet, is only to be found under an Oriental sky.

On the brook yonder not a breath Disturbs the spider or the midge.

The invitation extended to me proves that the students of Naples believe in the inspiring existence of such an ideal of science, and are anxious to learn more about ideas, with which the entire world of the present day is occupied, and whose life-giving breath enters even through the windows of the dry courtrooms, when their doors are closed against it.

The boy let his breath escape almost in a sob.

She seems on the whole satisfied with this performance, and with her last breath exclaims: I have lived long enough to boast an act, After which no mischief shall be new.

If e'er for me thy love's sweet garden a fragrant breath exhale, My heart, expansive in its joy, shall bud-like burst its veil.

Then Hamlet, feeling his breath fail and life departing, turned to his dear friend Horatio, who had been spectator of this fatal tragedy; and with his dying breath requested him that he would live to tell his story to the world (for Horatio had made a motion as if he would slay himself to accompany the prince in death), and Horatio promised that he would make a true report, as one that was privy to all the circumstances.

Behold, and listen, while the fair Breaks in sweet sounds the willing air, And with her own breath fans the fire Which her bright eyes do first inspire.

84 Words to use with  breath