22 Words to use with brightenings

Here is an old man, whose brightening face shows how welcome are her visits.

" Jack's relief and gratitude were best seen in the brightening eye and the more buoyant movement that succeeded the heaviness and agitation of his first impression.

After this there was darkness for a time until an indistinct black object appeared against the brightening sky.

Most mountaineers in California call him the Pine Squirrel; and when I asked an old trapper whether he knew our little forester, he replied with brightening countenance: "Oh, yes, of course I know him; everybody knows him.

And while Mrs. Gaynor stared after her she closed the door softly and went tiptoeing downstairs and out into the brightening dawn, where Mark King awaited her with the horses.

Her brightening expression transformed her face.

Like some weird strain of music, spent In one full chord, the sweet voice ceased; A faint white glow smote up the east, Like wings upliftingand a cry Of winds went forth, as if the night Beneath the brightening firmament Had voiced, in hollow prophecy, The affirmation: "By and by!" HOW KATIE SAVED THE TRAIN.

The kind refresher of the Summer heats: Nor, when cold Winter keens the brightening flood, Would I, weak-shivering, linger on the brink.

" "Murtree," she corrected him, and spoke her thanks with a brightening glance.

I waited till my eyes should be able to penetrate its interior; but before the light entered it I perceived, apparently growing across it, really coming gradually into view under the brightening gleam, a species of bridge whichwhen

We felt her brightening influence, but Fanny sulked, feeling dethroned.

The sun was gone, the shadows of night were being laid upon the dreary land, when the wavy clouds about the brightening moon became like a shower of rose-petals; the breeze grew softer and softer, for it was, in the language of the peasant, the 'sun-wind,' and the nocturnal peace began to reign over the sadness of the day's death.

God's voice rings down the brightening path!

Behind a lofty wood along the steep Fenced from the chill north-east this quiet glen: And green hills, gaily sprinkled o'er with sheep, Spread to the south; while by the brightening pen, Rose the blithe sound of flocks and hounds and men, At summer dawn, and gloaming; or the voice Of children nutting in the hazelly den, Sweet mingling with the winds' and waters' noise, Attuned the softened heart with Nature to rejoice.

Jane felt no emotions of envy for her sister's happiness; on the contrary, she rejoiced in common with the rest of their friends in her brightening prospects, and they all took their seats at the supper table, as happy a group as was contained in the wide circle of the metropolis.

" "What song is it he sings, Echoing from afar; While the sweet swallow bends her wings, Filling the air with twitterings, Beneath the brightening star?" The woodman answered me, His faggot on his back: "Seek not the face of Pan to see; Flee from his clear note summoning thee To darkness deep and black!"

She wandered about for a time in the raw, brightening air.

" Dory felt the change in Del the instant he entered their little salonfelt that during the day some new element had intruded into their friendly life together, to interrupt, to unsettle, and to cloud the brightening vistas ahead.

I hesitated to repress this outbreak as it deserved, till Eunané's bitter mortification was evident in her brightening colour and the doubtful, half-appealing glance of tearful eyes.

Here the dark venous blood, loaded with effete material, lays down its carbon burden and, with the brightening company of oxygen, begins again its circuit.

She thought how she would like to shut and hide herself away in a place where she could never see the frescoed frost or brightening day, nor hear the sound of chirping birds, nor any happy thing.

And her heart turned from the old life towards the new with hope and a vague brightening expectation of happiness.

22 Words to use with  brightenings