108 Words to use with bull

Prussia, grasping bull-dog as she is, makes capital out of it, and calls us to her side, while our stupid people burn with a Prussian fever, which may turn to a plague to-morrow.

The bull fights in London have come to a mournful conclusion.

Gyp was a thoroughbred bull terrier of which Laura was the proud owner.

"Talkin' about that trip among the Adirondacks, puts me in mind of an adventer I had with a bull moose, on one occasion among them.

When Baudéan and its quaint old church were left in our rear, and we were nearing Campan, we witnessed a fierce struggle between a young bull-calf and a native.

Sometimes he dashes into a bull-ring and slays wild creatures in the sight of fair ladies and envious men.

Seen through the mist, the dog appeared to be a bull pup of ferocious aspect.

rang o'er the heather wild, While the dew-drop lifted its golden head, and the hoary bull-frog smiled; Yet every eye was dim with tears, as the shadow of Time replied, And the echo from over the moorland drear, In cloistered glory and voice of cheer, Silently welcomed the Bride.

The cattle were wild and the men were whipping them fearfully, the loud reports of the bull-whips sounding like gun-shots.

" Captain Tracy, short and squat, his hands held out in the way old sailors have, as though ready instinctively to grasp some rope or bulwark, thrust a bull neck forward, and peered at my father with little, reddened eyes, opened in wide incredulity.

It has been more like a bull-fight than anything else, or perhaps the bull-baiting, almost to the death, which went on in England in days of old.

There were pickerel from four to ten pounds in weight, white fish, black bass, rock bass, Oswego bass, and pike by the dozen; and, what was a stranger to me, a queer looking specimen of the piscatory tribes, half bull-head, and half eel, with a cross of the lizard.

~Ballade of Laura's Fan.~ It was never imported from France With a dainty Parisian frou-frou, Nor upon it do bull-fighters prance, As only the Spaniards can do.

The plank footways were enclosed by stout rails to guard against the chargings of long-horned cattle chased through the thoroughfares by lasso-whirling "bull-drivers" as wild as they.

Men were herded like cattle in blistering "bull-pens," to be freed after months of misery, looking more like skeletons than human beings.

They have always been a pleasure-loving people, certainly, but more inclined to bull-fighting than field-craft, and yet as early as 1600 they must have had a better dog for game-finding than could have been found in any other part of the world.

A bull elk was also put in with them at one timehe having met with some accident which made the Major and Buffalo Jones bring him in to doctor him.

We next hear of him cracking the bull-whacker's whip, and commanding a wagon-train through a wild and dangerous country to the far West.

There was some twenty of us, that lay close couched down among the reeds and bull-rushes that grew in the moat that goes round the city.

And when they leaped up, as at an electric shock, and raced for the cry, there were the cubs and the mother wolf, their hunger already satisfied, and there in the snow a young bull caribou to save them.

The tower also was now clothed with bulls-hides, as a security against being set on fire; and a bridge was added to the tower, from which the besiegers could at once step on the city-walls.

She was a very ordinary looking Tagálog girl who had secured the body of an old bull-cart, stopped the cracks with clay, partially filled it with water and decaying vegetable matter, and at rather frequent intervals had bathed in the fermenting mass thus concocted.

[Illustration: The Bull-finch is handsome.

Bull beef is, in general, dry and tough, and by no means possessed of an agreeable flavour; whilst the flesh of the ox is not only highly nourishing and digestible, but, if not too old, extremely agreeable.

His own special brand of bull luck was with him.

108 Words to use with  bull