28 Words to use with buses

If you do munisions or are a bus conductor you do get paid so you maynt talk so much or you would get sent away.

I started asking around and eventually I was directed by a bus driver to the Mamallapuram bus.

It was a warm evening, and I 'adn't got even a bus fare on me.

Bus boys bear off the crockery as though they were apprenticed to a juggler and were only at the beginning of their art.

The bus departed from Panaji bus stand at six a.m. and reached Mangalore the same day at four in the evening.

In the morning my cousin Reggie took me on his scooter to the bus station where we saw a bus about to depart for Goa.

When she flung 'em on the pavement he pretended to think she 'ad dropped 'em; but, do wot he would, 'e couldn't frighten 'er into staying away, and 'is share of music-'alls and bus rides and things like that was more than 'e cared to think of.

Then Chitra dropped me in her Fiat car near the Panagal Park bus stop.

Sujit bought me a bus ticket to Mumbai and dropped me off at the bus station as well.

He marched down the street, his shoulders swinging rhythmically to the weight of the burden he carriedhis black leather hand-bag and the shiny tan sample case, battle-scarred, both, from many encounters with ruthless porters and 'bus men and bell boys.

"You can get a bus downtown on that corner over there," he said, pointing.

The cross-town bus situation.

"I shall take a bus home.

NATIONAL CASH REGISTER CO. Mechanical explanation, class 1900 register, bus type.

At last the clock marked ten-forty, and we heard the welcome rumble of the 'bus wheels.

'Bus-conducting is a profession that does not engross the mind unduly.

We were two days picking our way in going and two days on the return, for we scorned the 'bus route, and that was only in the later fifties.

My Dad had shown me the bus stand in the morning and given me the bus number.

She knew she had been an Olympian in a recent life, because she found herself familiar with greater and more gorgeous speed than any 'bus attains, and with the divine discords that high mountains and high cities sing.

If I dident have to go to scool I would love to be a bus conducter and go rides for nothing.

Yes, he crashed a few days agoon his first solo flip, taking offtried to zoom, engine konked, bus stalledsideslipnose-dive.

"And go back to London, and talk Jay out of her 'bus-ism.

The vacation ended with a 3 hour bus journey to Ratlam station, from where my brothers and I returned to Mumbai with my mum while my dad went on to Delhi.

Down through that mass of fugitives pushed a London motor-bus ambulance with several wounded British soldiers, one of them sitting upright, supporting with his right hand a left arm, the biceps, bound in a blood-soaked tourniquet, half torn away.

But the crowd ceased to regard him, for now a slight boyish figurenone other than that of Wilbur Cowanleaped to the seat, performed swift motions, grasped the fateful wheel, and made the bus roar.

28 Words to use with  buses