95 Words to use with buttering

The operations of churning and butter-making over, the butter-milk is disposed of: usually, in England, it goes to the pigs; but it is a, very wholesome beverage when fresh, and some persons like it; the disposal, therefore, will rest with the mistress: the dairy-maid's duty is to get rid of it.

Pigs are usually weaned between six and eight weeks after birth, after which they are fed on soft food, such as mashed potatoes in skimmed or butter-milk.

A bunch of butter-cups and forget-me-nots was fastened to her girdle, and she had placed a few marguerites in her hair.

In those homes are the women working such short hours that they can, without dropping important obligations, take over preserving, canning, dehydrating, the making of bread, soap, and butter substitute?

I have known farmers who, in travelling, saw only plows and butter-tubs and corn-cribs, and preachers who, looking across such autumn fields as these would carry away only a musty text or two.

" "So am I. 'T isn't a butter-knife, anyhow.

"I done made a salad for you and Chet, an' the butter beans am in de pan.

"Dat is an indiwidual butter dish, sah.

Put two or three drops of fresh blood on a white individual butter plate inverted in a saucer of water.

She was a fine hand to work; the best butter maker on the Unakas; Zack always traded his butter for a extry price.

She married, and Mr. Middlewick the butter-man set her husband up in business in the butter line.

"Shall I wait for the butter-woman or get some creamery?" Mr. Deacon now felt his little jocularities lost before a wall of the matter of fact.

fine wholemeal, 1 egg, a bare 1/2 pint milk and water, butter size of walnut.

Speaking of the Etruscan vases, he says, "As to the alleged elegance of form, I should be inclined to appeal from the present to succeeding generations, when the transformation of every pitcher, milk-pot and butter-pan, into an antique shape, has completely burlesqued away the classical feeling, and restored impartiality to taste.

Cook butter peas as for stew, [Footnote: See page 35.

"Have you any butter-scotch to-day, Granny?" "O, yes, mum; sights of it.

Make a butter-crust by recipe No. 1213, or a suet one by recipe No. 1215, using for a moderate-sized pudding from 3/4 to 1 lb. of flour, with the other ingredients in proportion.

Every bit of furniture in this house I bought with my butter money.

" "Egg-rolling party?" cried the boy, with such wide-open eyes of astonishment that Elsie and Marge both burst out laughing, whereat the boy flushed up angrily, and seizing the reins was starting off, when the cook called to him to wait until she had the butter-box ready for him to take back.

*** It is rumoured that at a provincial Tribunal the other day an applicant asked for a further six months' exemption as he had a wife and a position in a butter queue to maintain.

She married, and Mr. Middlewick the butter-man set her husband up in business in the butter line.

The refreshments were nut-bread sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, hot cocoa, cocoanut macaroons, vanilla ice-cream with chocolate nut sauce, and peanut brittle.

Here 'two weeks ago coffee and butter-cakes were a banquet.

It is then known as "butter-oil," is salted, cooled, pressed, and churned in milk, colored with annatto, and treated the same as butter.

Case and clean the eels, season them with a little nutmeg, pepper and salt, cut them in long pieces; you must make your pie with hot butter paste, let it be oval with a thin crust; lay in your eels length way, putting over them a little fresh butter; so bake them.

95 Words to use with  buttering