82 Words to use with calles

If perchance one is heard in the air, the males utter their call-note with great emphasis, particularly if the new-comer be a female; and while in her undulating flight she describes a circle, preparatory to alighting, they will stand almost erect, move their heads to the right and left, and burst simultaneously into song.

The call-boy told the Chorus.

An older woman stood at a telephone, twisting its call bell handle frantically.

NOTE.To call a station, make the call letter until acknowledged, at intervals giving the call or signal of the calling station.

Afterwards he entered a call office and rang up the hotel on the telephone.

The trumpet call obey; Forth to the mighty conflict, In this His glorious day!" 25.

Ile hang and torture all Call backe the Messenger sent with our signet.

Put this on your 'call board,' the only good thing about these hick hamlets is they remind you of New York because they are so different.

I knew not but the next Would be my final inch, This gave me that precarious gait Some call experience.

The Cat-call exerts it self to most advantage in the British Theatre: It very much Improves the Sound of Nonsense, and often goes along with the Voice of the Actor who pronounces it, as the Violin or Harpsichord accompanies the Italian Recitativo.

Very fitly does Mr. Veblen, in his interesting book, call decorum "a product and an exponent of the leisure-class life.

There are no "conductors" upon the trains after they leave the "stations" (which, by the way, I never heard any one call depots, in Europe) but officers are stationed at the head of every stairway to punch the tickets.

Some call supper dinner, and others call dinner luncheon.

"No call Nick dog, dat night.

from the mosque the nightly solemn sound; The Muezzin's call doth shake the minaret.

The deer and the ostriches too, the swans and the call ducks, all came running to meet us, as we drove round the place to see them."

As, in Desplein, his glory and science were invulnerable, his enemies attacked his odd moods and his temper, whereas, in fact, he was simply characterized by what the English call eccentricity.

With his alertness, the easy swing of his walk, his light step, and his freedom of spirit and appearance, he typified the thing which the French call élan.

The men who at country's call engage in such a war are the country's heroes, to whom must be given unstinted gratitude and unstinted praise.

"'I'll run an' call father an' Job,' says I. "'Hush'ee now!

Long after de war was over de white folks would 'gage me to come' roun' wid de band an' call de figgers at all de big dances.

I do, Williamnothin' vi'lent, nor musical, nor humorousbut a kind of a tranquil, preliminary, what-you-might-call-indication of somethin' to follow.'

There the Jew, the Mohammedan, and the Christian deal with each other as if they were of the same religion, and call infidels only those who become bankrupt.

The first bay in St. Lucia is Gros islet; and there is the Gros islet itselfPigeon Rock, as the English call itbehind which Rodney's fleet lay waiting at anchor, while he himself sat on the top of the rock, day after day, spy- glass in hand, watching for the signals from his frigates that the French fleet was on the move.

" "They call any one a highwayman who is a fugitive from what our 'Roman Hercules' calls justice," Norbanus answered with a gesture of irritation.

82 Words to use with  calles