9 Words to use with cam

72 represents, in elevation, the cam shaft, to the upper end of which, not shown in the drawing, is attached the ordinary centrifugal governor.

He had imported ivory, red-wood, cam-wood, and gum-copal.

Feeders for Button Hole Sewing Machines are almost invariably of the wheel type, but in this case the cloth is usually carried by a clamping device, and moved in a pear-shaped path by means of a cam cut in the feed wheel, as shown in the samples of this wonderful kind of mechanism exhibited here to-night.

But mind that, while ye wad be comfortable wi' your cronies, my bairn wad be frettin' her lane; and though she might say naething when ye cam hame, that wadna be the way to wear her love round your neck like a chain of gold; but, night after night, it wad break away link by link, till the whole was lost; and if ye didna hate, ye wad soon find ye were disagreeable to each other.

This oblique cam action also gives great power to the extractor at first starting the empty cartridge case out of the chamber.

The outline of the cam should be a parabola, so that the valve may be set in motion precisely as a falling body would be; but it will, nevertheless, be necessary that the roller on which the cam presses should be forced upward by a spring rather than by a counterweight, as there will thus be less inertia or momentum in the mass that has to be moved.

'Ultro ad cam venies indicans te amare.' Terent.

The inventor had overcome a difficulty in his machine, by introducing a cam movement, and was in excellent humor.

He also found quantities of cam-berries, a round fruit a little less than a cherry in size, bright yellow in colour, and each berry inside a green case or sheath shaped like a heart.

9 Words to use with  cam