82 Words to use with cashing

She kept the key to the cash box and had charge of the safe.

You have brilliant talents, but your bump of cash payments is remarkably small.

He knew less than one of the cash girls about how to run the store.

Benjamin Briscoe was making radiators and fenders; W.C. Durant was manufacturing buggies; Walter Flanders was selling machinery on the road; Hugh Chalmers was making a great cash-register factory hum with system; Fred W. Haines was struggling with the problem of developing a successful gasoline engine.

One of the best known of the National League men took the writer into his office and spread the cash book of the club's business before him.

Then Maud asked: "Do you know the cash value of Mr. Jones' stock in the Continental Film Company?" Colby shook his head, but Uncle John replied: "Goldstein told me it is worth millions.

He explained that each was to have an allowance and asked that each keep a cash account to be submitted to him on his return from Canada, not, he said, to serve as a check upon extravagant or foolish expenditures, but that he might be better able to advise them and to point out avoidable mistakes.

My cash balance has been rather heavy lately.

Now and then in his cash memorandum books we come upon such entries as, "By Cash to Mrs. Washington for Pocket Money £4."

You see"He drew from his cash-drawer a note resembling the one he had just changed for her, and proceeded to point out certain tests of genuineness.


"I thought they might be fancy-priced, sure-ly, but that's awful!" "Ten dollars, cash price, for the pants," proceeded Walker, "and two hundred for that exact amount in gold stitched up in the waistband of em.

However, I was forced to reply to the people who sent me letters and cash prizes, congratulating me on my examination results.

" Andy secured his little cash reserve in a marble bag.

"It's like I say, Mis' Dale," Luke Tweezy burred on from behind his handkerchief, "I ain't got any wish to add to yore troubles, and so I got my partner to agree for me to give you five hundred dollars cash money if you'll pack up and clear out quiet and peaceful.

National Cash Register Co. (PWH); 20Jan67; R402535. Sec.G, daily statement book for management & control of business, daily records of cash receipts and classified disbursements.

For two decades this company prospered greatly, selling some two thousand slaves a year in Jamaica alone, and paying large cash dividends on its £100,000 capital and then a stock dividend of 300 per cent.

Before the beginning of the indigo season, however, he comes into the factory and takes a cash advance on account of the indigo to be grown.


'Go to this Count Leven and tell him it's a cash transaction or nothing, and that he runs no risk.

Immediate restitution of the cash deposit in the National Bank of Belgium, and in general immediate return of all documents, specie, stocks, shares, paper money, together with plant for the issue thereof, touching public or private interests in the invaded countries.

Before 1876 the Gatling gun, dynamite, and the barbed-wire fence were introduced; the compressed-air rock drill, the typewriter, the Westinghouse air brake, the Janney car coupler, the cable-car system, the self-binding reaper and harvester, the cash carrier for stores, water gas, and the tin-can-making machine were invented, and Brush gave the world the first successful electric light.

Awaiting your further instructions, and cash backing thereto, I am, gents, very resp'y yours, CABLE J. DEXTER.

"Why," said he, "you are wasting merchantable literature, a cash article, at the rate, as nearly as I can tell, of fifty dollars an hour."

But in July 1832 the sultan recognized the sovereign independence of the kingdom of Hellas in consideration of a cash indemnity; and in February 1833, just a year after the first overtures had been made, the appointed king arrived at Nauplia with a decorative Bavarian staff and a substantial loan from the allies.

82 Words to use with  cashing
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