10 Words to use with cashmere

The only ladies whose society Mr. Smithson had deemed worthy the occasion were a fashionable actress, with her younger sister, the younger a pretty copy of the elder, both dressed picturesquely in flowing cashmere gowns of faint sea-green, with old lace fichus, leghorn hats, and a general limpness and simplicity of style which suited their cast of feature and delicate colouring.

With a series of rapid movements she flung open one of the black-cashmere shawls across the bed, folding it back into a triangle.

My pale blue cashmere dress fitted my fully developed yet girlish figure to perfection.

It inclosed in its folds an embroidered cashmere purse, a Damascus sanjar in a silver sheath, a long pistol mounted in gold and rubies, and the appropriate baton.

My friend asked how the woman was dressed, and the old woman said, "It was a gray cloak she had on, with a green cashmere skirt and a black silk handkercher tied round her head, like the country women did use to wear in them times."

Suzanne was wearing a caramel-colored cashmere sweater over a tight red skirt.

" The trousers may mach the habit or may be of stockinet, or the imported cashmere tights may be worn.

So when the baby was three months old, she was carried into the meeting-house in a faded blue cashmere cloak, and baptized in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost, "Darachsa Lawton Miller.

"I thought a white cashmere whirlwind had struck me.

" She laid her head down again in subdued joy and rest: but the pause was broken by Frank's return; and a moment after, in darted the Peri in her pink cashmere costume, with a glow transforming her usually colourless face.

10 Words to use with  cashmere