45 Words to use with catch

These are not the catch-words of a new sort of Fear King who uses oral terrors to affright the soul of man.

As Darrin clutched at the buoy he tried to shout, though the voice came weakly: "Catch hold of Hallam.

She's been to the city, and knows a few catch phrases.

We next catch sight of a Nun's gracefully pleated wimple, shapely nose, small mouth, "eyes greye as glas," well-made cloak, coral beads, and brooch of gold.

It was a steel engraving, not of the finest, torn from some Book of Beauty, or other silly-sentimental keepsake of the literary catch-penny class, brought all the way from home, and tenderly saved for the sake of its strange by-chance resemblance to a smart little lionne I had known in Virginia, in the days when smart little lionnes made me a sort of puppy Cumming.

When the clothing catches fire, throw the person down on the ground or floor, as the flames will tend less to rise toward the mouth and nostrils.

Be-tween the fin-ger and thumb of each hand was one of his cook-ing forks, stuck through two of the o-gress's ve-ry best hand-ker-chiefs, which made ve-ry ad-mi-ra-ble sails, catch-ing the wind, and waft-ing him a-long o-ver the sea as well as the fi-nest ship e-ver built.

The catch and peculiarly shaped hooks slide over the cross and catch bars.

The passengers were called out of the cabin, from the enjoyment of a fire, which the cold, damp atmosphere rendered very comfortable, by a sudden shout of, 'catch himcatch himcatch the negro.'

The eccentric catches of the kind usually employed in marine engines, sometimes break off at the first bolt hole, and it is preferable to have a bolt in advance of the catch face, or to have a hoop encircling the shaft with the catches welded on it, the hoop itself being fixed by bolts or a key.

" When he had puffed awhile, Nicholas took his pipe out of his mouth, and, looking at the Boy, said: "You no savvy catch fish in winter?

A wild young scamp, who can "shoot wild ducks, fling a bar, play at cricket, make punch, catch gudgeons, and dance."

[Catches HANSEL and affixes to his little jacket a long strip of leather for a tail; then whirls him about.

Catch himhold him!

The cranked part of the rod passing across the end of the wagon, and with handles at each end workable from the 6 ft. way, is attached to the catch hooks by means of a light chain.

There was a meaning in the act which appears in the reply to Peter, 'Thou shalt catch men,' where there is a reference to a prophecy of Jeremiah (ch. xvi. 16).

Consequently, he visited her ladyship every day, and every day viewed Belinda with increasing admiration, and with increasing dread of being taken in to marry a niece of that "catch-matchmaker," as Mrs. Stanhope was known amongst the men of his acquaintance.

Catch mother leaving that there, if she could get it off.

Nay, pray thee leave, go catch occasion by the foretop.

A boy being asked why they did this, answered: "Doggie catch otters, old women no."

Unversed in local etiquette, they commenced operations by "sending up"to employ a vulgar but convenient catch-phrasea strongly fortified farmhouse in the enemy's support line.

The engine should always be made to work full stroke, that is, until the catch pins be made to come within half an inch of the springs at each end, and the piston should stand high enough in the cylinder when the engine is at rest, to spill over into the perpendicular steam pipe any water which may be condensed above it; for if water remain upon the piston, it will increase the consumption of steam.

"This is the tune of our catch plaid by the picture of nobody."ID.:

Till at the last two catch-poles him encounter, And by arrest, they beare him to the Counter.

"Will young officer requiring rest help farmer catch rabbits for a month?"Church Family Newspaper.

45 Words to use with  catch