73 Words to use with cell

Two long cilia protrude through the cell-wall, and effect the rapid locomotion of this "monad," which, in all respects except its mobility, is characteristically a plant.

V GOLDEN FLEECE How saving a dispensation it is that men do not carry in their hearts perpetual ache at the pain of the world, that the body-thuds of the drink-crazed, beating out frantic strength against cell doors, cannot penetrate the beatitude of a mother bending, at that moment, above a crib.

It is the Malpighian layer of the epidermis that is most active in cell division.

As in the general growth and the vegetative reproduction of plants cell-division is the chief method of cell formation, so in the reproduction of plants by special cells the great feature is the part played by cells which are produced not by the ordinary method of cell division, but by one or the other processes of cell formation, namely, free-cell formation or rejuvenescence.

Cells oval, sides rendered straight upwards by the broad avicularia which are prolonged upwards into an acute spinous angle, and support a shallow cup.

<pb id='002.png' /> ABRAMSON, HAROLD A. Electrophoresis of proteins and the chemistry of cell surfaces, by Harold A. Abramson, Laurence S. Moyer & Manuel H. Gorin.

Venturesome mice crept out upon the floor and scampered in the dim starlight streaming through the iron bars of the cell window.

Here the contents of the cell contract, rearrange themselves, and burst the side of the containing wall, becoming free as a reproductive cell.

P. macgillivrayi, n. sp. Cells campanulate, deep, rounded at bottom; margin subplicate, entire.

A most interesting quality of cell life is motion, a beautiful form of which is found in ciliated epithelium.

He has also enabled thousands of people using Linux to connect cell phones, PDA's and other devices to their computers for the first time.

Among the cell-contents of some plants are beautiful crystals, called raphides.

"Tell Mr. Lather to put the prisoners into the cell block.

"A second change in fatigue has been found in the cell body of the neurone.

Scattered here and there among the definitely glandular cell groups creating the external secretion are smaller collections of cells, called the islets of Langerhans, which have been demonstrated to elaborate the internal secretion.

But the use of alcoholic liquors produces a similar effect, hindering bone cell-growth and preventing full development.

He had seen convicts, even his own cell mate, goaded to murder by their keepers, go to the gallows reviling God.

This quality of elasticity of the skin is due to the presence in it of the so-called yellow elastic fibres, cell products, with a resilience greater than anything devised by man.

9. C. gibbosa, n. sp. Cells pyriform, ventricose posteriorly, much attenuated at bottom.

Cells rhomboidal, with a sinuous depression on the outer and posterior aspect.

CHAPTER XII ANTONIO SPATOLA APPEARS Ashton-Kirk and Pendleton were admitted to the cell room at the City Hall without question; but a distinct surprise awaited them there.

The outer membrane corresponds to the Ectoblast, or outer cell sac, the Purkinjean vesicle to the Mesoblast, or inner cell sac, while the dot in the centre answers to the Entoblast.

And now we have a perfect cell-structure, differing from an ordinary cell only in having the inner sac, inclosing the dot, on the side, instead of in the centre.

We endeavor to explain by chemical laws the reduction of the materials which earth and air furnish, to a form in which they can be appropriated by the tree; by endosmose and exosmose we think we have overcome the obstacles to a clear comprehension of the circulation of the sap; and by a cell-theory we believe we have explained the whole growth of wood and leaves and fruit.

Man has his critical age of sex cell deterioration as well as woman.

73 Words to use with  cell
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