93 Words to use with chambered

nowSixty Years ago, quoth yeAs old as I am I live without Surgeons, wear my own Hair, am not in Debt to my Taylor, as thou art, and art fain to kiss his Wife, to persuade her Husband to be merciful to theewho wakes thee every Morning with his Clamour and long Bills, at thy Chamber-door.

My lady's bed-chamber window looked out over the country, and you could see from it the purple hills beyond Castlewood village, the green common betwixt that and the Hall, and the old bridge which crossed over the river.

His productions range from symphonies and symphonic poems through chamber music to romances.

She, on the other side, waxing weary of that her father's purpose, bent her mind to the secret love of the County Palurin: to whom (he being likewise inflamed with love of her) by a letter subtly enclosed in a cloven cane, she gave to understand a convenient way for their desired meetings, through an old ruinous vault, whose mouth opened directly under her chamber floor.

When coxcomb waiters know their trade, Nor mix their sauces with cookey's; When John's no longer chamber maid, And printed well a book is.

doe but once toot into her chamber-pot and I'll make thee looke worse then a witch does upon a close-stoole.

Old W was a little, busy, cringing tradesman, who, with his son upon his arm, would stand bowing and scraping, cap in hand, to any-thing that wore the semblance of a gowninsensible to the winks and opener remonstrances of the young man, to whose chamber-fellow, or equal in standing, perhaps, he was thus obsequiously and gratuitously ducking.

This information was delivered in the intervals of covering the guest chamber walls with a delightful white moire paper which Osh always alluded to as the "white maria," whether in memory of his wife's Christian name or because his French accent was not up to the mark, no one could say.

S. had the reputation of being a very clever man, and of excellent discernment in the chamber practice of the law.

15, ascribes the same cause, and instanceth in a patient of his, that married a young wife in a hot summer, "and so dried himself with chamber-work, that he became in short space from melancholy, mad:" he cured him by moistening remedies.

Amongst his official councillors opinions were divided; but, in his privacy, the lady of Giac, "whom he loved and trusted mightily," and Philip Jossequin, who had at first been his chamber attendant, and afterwards custodian of his jewels and of his privy seal, strongly urged him to make peace with the dauphin; and the pope's fresh legate, the Bishop of Laon, added his exhortations to these home influences.

Which done, doe at her chamber dore awayt, For she will waken strayt; The whiles do ye this song unto her sing, The woods shall to you answer, and your eccho ring;.

The favourite arm-chair of the princess is thus described in an inventory:"A chamber chair with four supports, painted in fine vermilion, the seat and arms of which are covered with vermilion morocco, or cordovan, worked and stamped with designs representing the sun, birds, and other devices, bordered with fringes of silk and studded with nails.

Its aim has been to provide chamber concerts of a high order.

Whether or not the household was still abed she did not know; no sound came from Celia's room; nor were Marye and Paige stirring on the floor above when she rose and stole out barefooted to the landing, holding a thin silk chamber robe around her.

Take thou of me sweet pillows, sweetest bed; A chamber deaf to noise, and blind to light; A rosy garland, and a weary head.

There were many speeches by Tahitians, most of them long, and some referring to the happy couple and their progeny in the quaint way of the medieval French in the chamber scenes after marriage, as related in story and drama.

By clearer taper lit, a cleanlier board Receives at supper hour her tempting hoard; The chamber hearth with fresher boughs is spread, And whiter is the hospitable bed.

"What should you think, sir," says Cobbs, "of a chamber candlestick?"

He was the sunshine of the house while able to get to the drawing-room, and the pet of each invalid by the chamber-fire.

The parent must strictly forbid the attendants in the sick chamber giving, at this period, any heating or stimulating fluid, as also animal food; and this injunction must be strictly regarded, even in the mildest form of the disease.

Wheres now my hope of byrthrighte, where all Fraunce? Drownd in the cradle of a chamber groome.

And all the way, the veil of tears Flows from each drooping lid; No face she sees, no voice she hears, Till in her chamber hid.

Lips unused to thee, Bashful, sip thy jasmines, As the fainting bee, Reaching late his flower, Round her chamber hums, Counts his nectars enters, And is lost in balms!

Returning from a solitary walk, during which these ideas had been revolving in his mind, he found her in their chamber kneeling by the bedside, sobbing violently.

93 Words to use with  chambered