112 Words to use with character

The boys were supposed to study certain types of persons and then write character sketches to show their sharpness of observation.

It is narrative instead of dramatic; fable prevails over action; passion has degenerated into character-drawing.

In spite of frequent coarseness, he stands for all time as a great writer by reason of his powers of character analysis.

A certain hocus-pocus concerning character reading, a perverted revival of the ancient phrenology and physiognomy, has invaded the employment territory in America as the newest charlatanism.

In 1682 appeared The Life and Death of Mr. Badman, a realistic character study which is a precursor of the modern novel; and in 1684 the second part of Pilgrim's Progress, showing the journey of Christiana and her children to the city of All Delight.

Until these inquiries are respected, conscious character building or even stock breeding must remain the laughing stock of the smoking rooms and the regimental barracks.

Golden deeds in character education.

The comedy of types necessarily tends to keep within the limits of the known, and Molièrein spite of Alceste and Don Juanis characteristically a character-drawer, as Racine is characteristically a psychologist.

This pseudonym was attached to a series of character-portraits in Frazer's Magazine between the years 1830 and 1838.

What is that? I dance character dances, and I appear in tableaux vivants and poses plastiques.

Character text for Cantonese primer.

Walt Disney character merchandise, 1940-41.


The chief excellences of his novels lie in the strong and subtle character portrayal, in the brilliant conversations, in the power with which intense scenes are presented, and in the well-nigh omnipresent humor.

Such character-painting simply came of the keen interest in life that was at the same time developing an energetic drama.

If I have guessed your character aright, you are able to do uncommon things.

The choice and transmission of the forty-eight chromosomes that give to each individual his character-potential are probably in accordance with some obscure biological law through which the unfathomable divine will operates.

" Standing at a table in the center of the stage, with his friends grouped about him, he delivers that inimitable, rambling character monologue so famous in A Magnolia Flower, at the same time that he deftly makes juleps for the party.

The great novel, not of romance or adventure, but of character and manners, from the mighty Fielding, down, at a long interval, to Thackeray, covers the field that in France is held, and successfully held, against all comers, by her maxim-writers, like La Rochefoucauld, and her character-writers, like La Bruyère.

Confucianism, the philosophic basis of the power of the gentry, served him as a bait; he made use of the so-called "old character school" for his purposes.

Even the levity of the French character yields to this terrible despotism, and nothing is observed but weariness, silence, and sorrow: "O triste loisir, poids affreux du tems."

She was his pet, his dear love, his dear little Burney, his little character-monger.

This was followed (1875-84) by three dramas on English historical themes, which, as the poet had not, as we have already hinted, the gifts of a Shakespeare, were somewhat unsuccessful, though written, despite Tennyson's advanced years, with much fine force and vividness of character delineation.

Their place in the organization, however, is precisely the same as that of the cannons, and it is thus very difficult to employ them as their particular character demands.

I had the idea that her honest vulgar little legatee and his speculations as a horse-breeder might make a good subject for a character-comedian; but I suppose the late LORD GEORGE SANGER is the only man who could have produced the right equine cast.

112 Words to use with  character