7 Words to use with cheques

" "Why, then, of course, you have a cheque-book.

So we'll all fill up a cheque-form on some celebrated Banks It's a pity that a cheque-form should be made so much of blanks

But I have here an A.B. 64 issued in lieu thereofthey do that in Egypt, you knowand I have my identity discs, my demobilisation papers, my cheque-bookoh, and heaps of other things which would prove to you that I am really me.

She wished to purchase a table-cloth of a cheque pattern, like the squares of a chess or draught board.

He took the cheque round to his grocer.

For the rest, it is all cheques cheques, cheques; so that the whole business of agriculture, from the purchase of the seed to the sale of the crop, passes through the bank.

give me my cheque-booklet me give him something before he has a chance to talk to any onequick!

7 Words to use with  cheques