15 Words to use with clarions

If ever a chap wanted the clarion note, it looked as if it was this Fink-Nottle.

The partridge drummed upon his log; the squirrels chattered as they chased each other up and down the great trunks of the trees; the loon lifted up his clarion voice away out upon the water; the eagle and the osprey screamed as they hovered high above us in the air, while a thousand merry voices came from out the old woods, all mingling in the harmony of nature's gladness.

The bugle blast upon the air with clarion tone is heard, The burghers on the city wall reply with scoffing word; And like the noise of thunder the clattering squadrons haste, And on his charger fleet he leads his army o'er the waste.

Are you all mad?" demanded a wrathful subaltern, plunging round the traverse to where Snapper mouth-organed the "Marseillaise," 'Enery Irving lustily intoned his anthem of the Blind Mice, and Corporal Flannigan passed from the deep lowing of a cow to the clarion calls of the farmyard rooster.

his black and rolling eye-ball hurls Afar, his tail he closes and unfurls; On tiptoe reared, he strains his clarion throat, Threatened by faintly-answering farms remote: Again with his shrill voice the mountain rings, 155 While, flapped with conscious pride, resound his wings!

And o'er the farms, "O Chanticleer, Your clarion blow; the day is near.

Then sixty thousand clarions ring, And rocks and dales set echoing.

I hear the clarion shrill Winding up the icy hill, And aloud the bugle

There are great personalities like Burke who march through history with voices like a clarion trumpet and something like the glitter of swords in their hands.

all the air to music within hearing, Themselves unseen; while bolder quiristers On loftier branches strain'd their clarion-pipes, And made the forest echo to their screams Discordant,yet there was no discord there, But temper'd harmony: all tones combining, In the rich confluence often thousand tongues, To tell of joy and to inspire it.

I am ashamed that I called it a cock-crowfor that is one of the finest things in the worlda clarion defiance to darkness and sinfar too good a name for my poor jingleexcept, indeed, you call it a Cochin-china-cock-crowfrom out a very wheezy chest!"

High overhead we hear the clarion honk, honk of wild geese, cleaving the air in drag-shaped column, while the dew on the grass dances and sparkles in the sunshine like glittering diamonds.

" "Not with bare justice shall your act be crowned," (Said Fame,) "but high above desert renowned: Let fuller notes th' applauding world amaze, And the loud clarion labour in your praise.

The sound of them, if voiced, would be a clarion blast to the world.

But now I will my golden clarion rend, And will henceforth immortalize no more,

15 Words to use with  clarions