10 Words to use with cluster

The scars on the stem are of three kinds, leaf, bud-scale, and flower-cluster scars.

The next minute, the stairs swarmed with a jovial party, under the leadership of a gorgeous person, who wore in the middle of his snowy shirt front a cluster diamond pin larger than a ten-cent piece.

Even as the young man looked, the lowest of the cluster lights plunged out of sight.

All in a firm round cluster mix, and strow With heaps of little corps the earth below, As thick as hailstones from the floor rebound, Or shaken acorns rattle on the ground.

"But I am ra-ally in earnest," continued the lady, thoughtfully, turning three heavy cluster rings on her little left finger.

design'd To be destroy'd to propagate his kind, 570 Lest thy redundant and superfluous juice, Should fading leaves instead of fruits produce, The pruner's hand, with letting blood, must quench Thy heat, and thy exub'rant parts retrench: Then from the joints of thy prolific stem A swelling knot is raisèd (call'd a gem), Whence, in short space, itself the cluster shows, 577

As we rush on past countless signals, punctual to the minute, yet always having ample time to slacken speed before we come to the places where the different colored lights cluster thickest, we are reminded once more how much is required of an express engine-man besides a thorough acquaintance with the machinery he has to control.

"They were all four together and they're only" The carriage was turning, but the fair cluster bent keenly toward him.

See o'er the wall, the white-leav'd cluster-vine Shoots its redundant tendrils; and doth seem, Like the untam'd enthusiast's glowing heart, Ready to clasp, with an abundant love, All nature in its arms! C. COLE.

So be it; but they both were young Each grape to his cluster clung, All their elegies are sung.

10 Words to use with  cluster