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With a coast-line of twenty six thousand miles, this Alaska of ours turns to the sea a greater frontage than all the shores of all the United States combined.

Some way out in the stream was a small coast-guard cutter with three men on board, two of whom were at the oars.

" "Aye; and what of Duke Ivowhere is he now, Roger?" "He hath reinforced Belsaye garrison and all the coast towns and castles of the Marches, and lieth at Pentavalon, gathering his powers to attack Thrasfordham, so men say, and hath sworn to burn it within the year, and all therein save only Sir Benedicthim will he hang; 'tis so proclaimed far and wide.

It has evidently been derived from the coast range by way of the tangle of connecting mountains at the head of the Sacramento Valley.

He vowed he would lead the citizens against her, capture the ship and keep her for coast defence of Maryland.

Coast calendar.

The Long House of the Iroquois controls everything west of the coast land from Carolina away up through Virginia to New York and the Canadas.

Only in so speaking we may not pronounce an absolute censure on the general: we see well the defects of the plan of operations pursued by him, but we cannot determine whether he was in a position to foresee themhis route lay through an unknown land of barbariansor whether any other plan, such as that of taking the coast road or of embarking at Cartagena or at Carthage, would have exposed him to fewer dangers.

Having returned to my family, with but little disposition to try my fortune again in the coasting-trade, one day, being in the horse-market, I purchased a horse and wagon; and, taking in my wife and some of the younger children, I went to pay a visit to the neighborhood in which I was born.

From this point the coast trends to the southward to Cape Fourcroy.

In August, his father took him on a coasting-vessel.

Though the coast region was the first to be invaded and settled by white men, it has suffered less from a bee point of view than either of the other main divisions, chiefly, no doubt, because of the unevenness of the surface, and because it is owned and protected instead of lying exposed to the flocks of the wandering "sheepmen."

Russia will need its twenty-five submarines for coast defense and probably will not send them out of the Baltic

For two years, the protection afforded by Lisle's squadron gave some security to the Bombay coast trade.

It could be no settler's wife, but some dame from the coast country who had not the sense to be timid.

The Romans again land in Africa and ravage many Carthaginian coast cities; on their return most of their ships are wrecked; the Romans resolve to abstain from naval warfare.

He went to South Carolina to supervise the repair and building of coast fortifications there, and it was no doubt in large part owing to his engineering skill then applied that Charleston, whose sea-door the Federals incessantly pounded from the beginning, probably wasting there more powder and iron than at all other points together, was captured only at the end of the war and then from the land side.

"The Tagish are little more than slaves to the more powerful coast tribes, and are in constant dread of offending them in any way.

Our object was twofold: to see tropical coast scenery, and to get, if possible, some Guacharo birds (pronounced Huacharo), of whom more hereafter.

Previously its operation had been confined to the Mediterranean or to coast waters outside it.

It will be remembered that Antonio, the brother of Domenico Colombo and uncle of the admiral, lived at the little coast village of Quinto, near Genoa, and had three sonsJuan Antonio, Mateo, and Amighetto.

Holland is thus well adapted to cause serious difficulties to an English landing, if her coast batteries are armed with effective cannons.

It was also pointed out to Admiral Mayo that the coast patrol vessels which were not actually in the hunting flotillas were all engaged in anti-submarine work and did frequently come into action against the German submarines.

Therefore he began no war at this time, but gave out certain sovereignties,to Iamblichus son of Iamblichus his ancestral dominion over the Arabians, and to Tarcondimotus son of Tarcondimotus the kingdom of Cilicia which his father held, except a few coast districts.

"And the coast bends again to the northwest, as far as Far Out head.

163 Words to use with  coasting