115 Words to use with coffees

I revised my first intention of going to the club, and bought a sandwich or two at the corner coffee house.

"'JAMES,' said his father, 'do not shut up hot water too tight, and take care when it is over the fire.' "'A lady was boiling coffee one day, and kept the cover on the coffee-pot too long.

If so, it is my comfort that in those dim hours it stood propped against his coffee cup.

There were several ladies in the partythe passengers were all about in the hall, and in the coffee-room, and so on.

When the evening prayer is over and the first meal has been taken, the coffee-shops are filled with smokers, the verandahs with men playing 'chausar' or drafts, while the air is filled with the cries of iced drink sellers and of beggars longing to break their fast also.

The islanders his praise resound; Coffee plantations rise around; And Martinico loads her ships With produce from those dear-sav'd slips.

As it has been all along the intention of this story to follow the fortunes of the Triple Alliance, the record of their second term at Ronleigh would not be complete without some mention of their memorable adventure with the "coffee-mill.

7,778|18,481,986| 1813| 1,124|14,361|24,623,572| Storm in October, 1812 1814| 394|10,711|34,045,585| Largest coffee crop.

Now all the reservoirs are shut, The crew on short allowance put; So small a drop is each man's share, Few leavings you may think there are To water these poor coffee plants; But he supplies their gasping wants, Ev'n from his own dry parched lips He spares it for his coffee slips.

While yet her colony was new, Her island products but a few, Two shoots from off a coffee-tree

I was taught by Mrs. Isaac to make angel food, coffee cake, white bread and white cakes.

Naught remains Except the benches and some coffee-grounds.

He'd lived there ten years, you know, growing somethingbeans, or coffee, or coffee-beans, or somethingI don't know what.

" "Coffee berries?" hinted Darrin.

If them two ain't lovers, there never was none, an' that old heathen sinner thought she could clap a coffee bag over my head so that I couldn't see nothin' nor tell nothin'.

" Again had my caller's glance trailed across the breakfast table, where the omelette, the muffins, and the coffee-urn waited.

Next day, after seeing the shrine which contains the famous tooth of Buddha, I set off for the mountains, and reached a coffee estate of Baron Delmar's at about 6 P.M. We found ourselves in a fine cool climate, at about 3,000 feet above the sea.

We then wound along among provision grounds and coffee fields, through forests where hardly a track was to be seen, and over hedges, which the horses were obliged to leap, till we issued on the great path which leads from the plantation to Kingston.

With Nelson he shared a room in the Luisenstrasse, where they set up that household god of all German studentsa "coffee-machine," with the aid of which, and some flaming spiritus, they brewed their morning and evening beverage.

Carolyn June's sole accomplishment in the art of preparing food was the making of coffee-jelly.

On that morning her dull eyes kept an unwavering, unwinking watch over the coffee making; as they always did over every encroachment upon her rights.

There are several coffee-stalls and a second-rate caravansary in the bazaar.

The place is well frequented by coffee-drinkers and folk from round about the village going by the boat.

Coffee flavor that satisfies.

Apple may be removed in small oval shapes with a coffee spoon, if a French ball cutter is not available.

115 Words to use with  coffees
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