361 Words to use with college

And in the college classes they learn what you might suppose any college student would learn.

College chemistry.

He first urged me to postpone my wishes, till I had completed my college course, and had by travelling seen something of the world.

Algebra, college level.

"At least Mr. Carroll ain'tisn'ta college freshman.

"Aw, pop, a feller nowadays without a college education don't stand a show.

STEVENS, DAVID HARRISON. College composition.

The glory of college life is, that wherever one goes, the eyes look out on beauty, and wherever one works, there are those whom we love who work beside us.

Come along, and you can go right up, and your college mathematics will be all the better for us.

It seems that about this time a college friend began to think much of him, and to pray earnestly for him; and finally wrote to him a serious, simple, earnest letter, which had much effect on Hannington.

David, my boy, by the end of this year we'll know more than college professors do.

After receiving the news of his disgrace he rushed to his rooms and there penned a letter to his tutor full of thanks, regards, remorse and despair, requesting that his name might be taken off the college books, and intimating a wish that death might speedily end the woes of the disgraced Arthur Pendennis.

" These two had roomed together through their college days.

Medical college admission test, form WMC.

The evangelist is a man of intellect and prayer, who can preach the gospel to a scientific age, and to a thinking coteriea coterie of college men and mechanics, of society women and servant-girls, of poets and of mine-diggers, of convicts and of reformers.

Watch a hundred students begin their delightful and salutary process of "taking him down" by the sort of mirth in which college boys excel!

Introductory college algebra, by H. L. Rietz and A. R. Crathorne. (American mathematical series) © 29Aug23, A752731.

SEE MacCallum, William George. RANDALL, HARRISON M. General college physics, by Harrison M. Randall, Neil H. Williams and Walter F. Colby.

The college omnibus.

His Study of Prose Fiction, a clear exposition of narrative writing, is one of the best-known college textbooks on the subject.

Many college graduates are church-memberssome are even active workers.

Then he slunk out, scarcely knowing where he went, taking the unfrequented little lanes at the backs of the college buildings until he found himself some miles distant from Oxbridge.

General Lee, their kinsman, had shaken his Socratic head solemnly when Rosa, at the War Department, told him, as an excellent joke, the strange chance that had brought Vincent's college chum and his family under the kind Rosedale roof.

Laboratory directions in college zoology.

R59370. SMITH, Frederick M. SEE Essays and studies, prose selections for college reading.

361 Words to use with  college