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"Their souls are white, Aunt Kate, and there is no color line on the Rock of Ages." "Oh, well, tastes differ," said her aunt carelessly, "but it is a strange fancy for Judge Hildreth's niece.

From midsummer until frost the prevailing note of the field is clear gold, passing into the rusty tone of bigelovia going into a decline, a succession of color schemes more admirably managed than the transformation scene at the theatre.

When the national or regimental colors are taken from the stacks of the color line, the color bearer and guard, or the sergeant of the guard, unarmed, and two armed privates as a guard, will escort the colors to the colonel's quarters, as prescribed for the color guard in the drill regulations of the arm of the service to which the guard belongs. 90.

(Tropical fishes as pets) 16 color illus.

The object glass was given by Dr. Lee, the eye-pieces by some one else, and the two are put together in a case, and used by Professor Smyth for looking at the craters in the moon; of these he has made fine drawings, and has published them in color prints.


The drawings of the England and Wales series in the possession of Ruskin seemed to my critical faculty the ne plus ultra of water-color painting,especially the "Llanthony Abbey," of which I recall those early impressions with the greatest distinctness.

She lifted her chin a little higher, and there, staring her in the face, was the very little paint-box, with its two brushes and porcelain color plate, and it seemed to say to her: "Come, buy me now; come, buy me now.

Orderlies and color sentinels Section 9.

The last picture of her, a water color drawing made in 1907, shows a round visaged old dame, who might be the peasant grandmother of two dozen descendants.

Then the flat scales open and the seeds take wing, but the empty cones become still more beautiful and effective, for their diameter is nearly doubled by the spreading of the scales, and their color changes to a warm yellowish-brown; while they remain swinging on the tree all the following winter and summer, and continue effectively beautiful even on the ground many years after they fall.

Color form sorting test record form, by Kurt Goldstein & Martin Scheerer.

Recently I have used the tea organifier and some other sensitizers, in connection with the solution from fresh myrtle-leaves, and in this way have produced plates having such an exalted color sensitiveness as to be unmanageable in ordinary "dark-room" light.

Donald Duck color book, 670.

After all, however, I don't know the arguments I could have used, and I remembered how the fellow had injured you" He saw Barbara's color rise, and stopped for a moment.

Although he had no teacher, as yet, he had begun to understand color a little, and succeeded in finishing one or two water-color sketches which Patsy, who knew nothing at all of such things, pronounced "wonderfully fine."

Like a water-color landscape-painter, he pauses above the box of crude materials which others have made, takes a dab here and a dab there with his brush, rarely takes all of one color, blends them, eyes the result judicially, and flashes in the combination with swiftness and certainty of touch.

The book of dogs; an intimate study of mankind's best friend, by Ernest Harold Baynes, with natural color portraits of 76 types of dogs from paintings of Louis Agassiz Fuertes and Hashime Murayama.

It was amazing that a cultured nation like the English should be so generally ignorant of the laws of color harmony.

Color pictures by Katherine Milhous.

LUTZ, E. G. Practical water-color sketching.

They all expressed admiration for the drawing; but the color effect was so horrible that even Patsy found no words to praise it, and the boy in a fit of sudden anger tore the thing to shreds and so destroyed it.

And one delicious morning in early June, when the dew sparkled on the poison ivy and the air was vibrant with the soft monotone of mosquitoes and the public road exhaled a delicate aroma of crude oil, Drusilla and Flavilla, laden with sketching-blocks, color-boxes, camp-stools, white umbrellas and bonbons, descended to the great hall, on sketching bent.

I remained in Paris all that winter, and took a studio with an American friend,Mr. Yewell,but I could do no work; the headache never left me, and, though I could draw a little, my vision failed when it was strained, and I seemed to have lost my color sense.

Universal color calendar.

172 Words to use with  colored
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