185 Nouns for  combat

185 Nouns for combat

These ships had their combat systems, and were propelled by oarsmen.

According to Medal of Honor recipient Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady who flew more than 2,500 combat missions over Vietnam and helped rescue more than 5,000 wounded, "it is harder to wear it than to earn it".

The boundary of a TO is defined by the commander who is orchestrating or providing support for specific combat operations within the TO.

Combat patrols on the flanks are specially important.

He was a highly decorated combat veteran of World War I, served as Superintendent of West Point, and was Chief of Staff of the Army in the early 1930s.

Add two more New Mexico combat-sports stars, one in the cage, another in the ring, to an already jam-packed docket in early 2020.

In reaction to this, Sweden, for instance, deployed its naval forces on Gotland and raised its level of combat readiness for the duration of the exercise.

He should set a date, no later than the end of December 2021, by when all U.S. troops will come home from all these combat zones.

Jeremy I want to tell you, sirno boastingI'm well thought of by the combat troops.

Heath looked to history to explain the role combat experience plays in a war's outcome.

MBT's are the main force in ground fights but get help from other combat vehicles and soldiers who travel in infantry combat vehicles.

Altogether, Russia has 1,500 combat aircraft and 400 military helicopters.

The seventh division was the 526th Infantry Division, which lacked combat training.

Reports show that 65-75% of soldiers with combat stress reactions returned to duty.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore trilogy, but that was an realistic take on the character, thus stripping him of some of his most exciting elements, particularly his combat skills.

However, Biden and others on the left maintain that the country faces catastrophic consequences if it doesn’t act to combat climate change.

In combat situations, he thought this could cause soldiers to run away, or to blindly attack.

Modern combat boots are designed to provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection suitable for a rugged environment.

Orders in 2013 for 62 tanks and 24 self-propelled guns from Germany were followed in 2014 by a number of other contracts, including 24 combat helicopters and 3 AEW aircraft from the USA, and 2 tanker aircraft from Spain.

Moore, who is from Wilmington, North Carolina, enlisted in the Army in 2017 as a combat engineer, officials said.

It also conducts operations on land, either with ground combat units of the Navy and the Army, or separately.

Hara, p. 137. Turner sent all usable combat ships under Callaghan to protect the troops ashore from the expected Japanese naval attack and troop landing.

He acknowledges Archer's combat ability, at least internally, and thus sees him as a threat.

Paintings & drawings by combat artists

These combat capabilities are necessary to defend the Ford class carriers, Bryan Clark, a defense expert and former Navy officer, told Insider.

Combat command.

Foodbanks which feed hundreds of south-east London families on the edge of poverty have made a desperate appeal for help, as government lockdowns to combat coronavirus see the flow of donations to charities dry to a trickle.

"The combat deepens.

According to Redmond, it’s hard to adequately stress the F-35 and F-22 in a simulated combat environment.

Combat exercises must simulate, as far as possible, the battle conditions assumed.

Matthew Attaway, a combat medic assigned to 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery Regiment, 75th Field Artillery Brigade, Fort Sill, Okla., poses for a photo at the Fort Sill Artillery Half-Section February on 26, 2020.

Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism educational that uses workshops and training sessions, among other resources, to educate on and combat racism.

The term "multirole" is the ability for the airplane to perform more than one task or combat role.

It’s not uncommon for health care workers on the front line a term borrowed from war to face problems experienced by combat soldiers, including post-traumatic stress, extreme anxiety, insomnia, depression and burnout.

Aircrew deployed from the 507th ARW received AMC’s Aircrew Excellence Award for recovering a KC-135R aircraft after two engines failed during a nighttime combat sortie.

Although new troops continued to arrive, the 12th Infantry Division had lost half its combat strength between 16–23 September, and the 49th and 275th Infantry Divisions had had to be given time to rest.

He cited ABMS as the key conceptual and technical foundation upon which this kind of combat effectiveness can be achieved.

Military mean can be called combat power can be followed from the number and quality of military force.

(k) Instruction combat practice.

As expensive, technically-demanding combat equipment, artillery symbolizes a commitment on the part of the employer that is indicative of the importance ascribed to the endeavour.

Justin Miller suffered PTSD after returning home to South Carolina from two combat deployments in Iraq as part of a sniper team.

Combat currency: America's fighting dollars.

A proposed 1,500-mile combat radius would lead to the development of the B-29 and the B-32 which followed, but it also caused the Army to take a closer look at a new design put forth by Ruben Fleet’s company, Consolidated Aircraft.

In June 1945, auxiliary fuel tanks were added to the Seafire, increasing its combat range by 50 percent and allowing it to take part in offensive operations.

I went to Nasik in 1995 to learn a full combat style of Martial Arts under the tutelage of Daniel Isaac a World Kickboxing Champion.

In all, the Army had over 102,000 Army (of these 38,000+ were artillery, combat support and HQ troops, with another 9,000 service troops), over 88,000 Marines and 18,000 Navy personnel (mostly Seabees and medical personnel).

Not every combat encounter needs to be the same difficulty or length; some can be quick encounters meant to feel easy while really whittling PCs down before the big one, and some can take a full two hours to complete.

Recon diary, combat history of the 79th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop.

It's pretty easy to grasp the intricacies of the combat mechanics, but it's still fun to stun lock and combo enemies with unique abilities and character swapping mid-combo.

In the Iraqi combat hospital, patients often needed quick interventions to save a limb or a life.