47 Words to use with combat

"The combat deepens.

Combat jiu-jitsu for offense and defense.

None here are bold enough to contradict what their sovereigns would have believed; and a town or district, driven almost to revolt by the present system of recruiting, consents very willingly to be described as marching to the frontiers with martial ardour, and burning to combat les esclaves des tyrans!

Combat exercises must simulate, as far as possible, the battle conditions assumed.

Combat correspondent.

Combat currency: America's fighting dollars.

Combat command.

(k) Instruction combat practice. (l) Combat practice. (m) Proficiency test.

Paintings & drawings by combat artists Griffith Baily Coale, Dwight C. Shepler, & Albert K. Murray.

Combat isolation.

Recon diary, combat history of the 79th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop.

If he say that error and wrong are committed in the administration of the Government, let him remember that nothing human can be perfect, and that under no other system of government revealed by Heaven or devised by man has reason been allowed so free and broad a scope to combat error.

"To-night, to-night, when we shall meet In combat face to face, Then only would Arminius greet The renegade's embrace.

55 The Duke, less numerous, but in courage more, On wings of all the winds to combat flies: His murdering guns a loud defiance roar, And bloody crosses on his flag-staffs rise. 56

Behind these combat forces was an immense support in men and supplies of every kind from home, and a transport system surpassing that of any other belligerent, perfectly equipped; and a great army of relief workers, in addition to one of the finest hospital systems the world has ever seen.

19. Let Stoicks ethicks' haughty rules advance To combat fortune, and to conquer chance: Yet happy those, though not so learn'd are thought, Whom life instructs, who by experience taught, For new to come from past misfortunes look, Nor shake the yoke, which galls the more 'tis shook.

Varenus rushes on briskly with his sword and carries on the combat hand to hand, and having slain one man, for a short time drove back the rest: while he urges on too eagerly, slipping into a hollow, he fell.

La dispute roula sur presque toutes les idées métaphysiques de Newton, et c'est peut-être le plus beau monument que nous ayons des combats littéraires.'

"Here, by the bonds of nature feebly held, Minds combat minds, repelling and repell'd.

my lot consider; Rash combat oft immortalizes man; If he should fall, he is renown'd in song; But after ages reckon not the tears Which ceaseless the forsaken woman sheds;

Combat patrols on the flanks are specially important.

In September there were on the French-Belgian front between 300 and machines, all of which were in the scout and observation classes, with no regulation combat planes of American build; but American airmen had conducted many successful actions against German battle planes, and a good many Americans were operating French and British battle planes in action back of the German lines.

This secular knighthood appears most attractively glorified in the sagacycle of King Arthur, in which the sweetest gallantry, the most refined courtesy, and the most adventurous passion for combat prevail.

And then the combat proceeds.

Said the reporter of one of the Bordeaux papers next day: "Through the Kipling evoked by M. Cestre we admired the English and those who fight, in the great winds of the North Sea, that combat rude and brave.

47 Words to use with  combat