36 Words to use with commoner

* Mr. STACY AUMONIER takes for his theme the development of a clever neurotic, Arthur Gaffyn, who stands, in relation to normal life and normal feelings, Just Outside (METHUEN)a common modern type, perhaps a commoner type in all ages than the obvious records show.

Now fundamental ideas are not very numerous, and these exercises include the commoner ones.

All that so often lowers commoner natures has but raised his.

Afterward, when he began to be careless in his dress, and the fashion of serenading had passed away, the commoner people dared to shorten the title to "'Sieur George.

The later Romans seem to have procured their iron-ore from the island of Elba and Spain, Gaul, and other provinces, and to have imported ware of all kinds, especially the finer sorts, from various parts of the Empire; the commoner kinds, such as the dolia or large vessels for storing wine and oil, were certainly made in Rome in the second century B.C., for Cato in his book on agriculture remarks that they could be best procured there.

"Mauther" is the commoner form (found in Ben Jonson and others), but "mother" occurs in Chettle and Day's Blind Beggar and elsewhere.

The first and easier mode of conception is that which is implied in the commoner language of saints and asceticslanguage perhaps consciously symbolic and defective in its first usage, but which has been inevitably literalised and hardened when taken upon the lips of the multitude.

Venison is a much commoner food in Germany than in England, especially now there is much of it left.

The game is almost identical with the commoner game of "bowls," except for the language, which is worse.

There are few villages which do not possess monuments of their successful sons, and a school is an even commoner gift than a church; while the State has supplemented the individual benefactor to an extent remarkable where public resources are so slender.

You can therefore proceed with reasonable freedom from the commoner ideas of the human mind to that expression of definite aspects of them which is anything but common.

If the writers on metaphysics would deal more in our every-day speech, use commoner illustrations, seek to find some interpreter of the feelings and affections of the mind in Nature, out of the mind itself, and thus keep the life-principle and the thought-principle constantly wedded, making them mutually elucidate and explain each other, they would be far more fruitful and satisfying.

When I think of his "Macbeth," I remember him most distinctly in the last act after the battle when he looked like a great famished wolf, weak with the weakness of a giant exhausted, spent as one whose exertions have been ten times as great as those of commoner men of rougher fiber and coarser strength.

By mixing the gold with an alloy of commoner metal, and by giving the angelic likeness features which are familiar to us all.

Its commoner outbreaks everybody knows by sight and sound, and everybody except the miserably ignorant and silly despises.

A waiting mood came on him while he watched, as one waits through a great symphony and endures the monotonous passages for the sake of the singing bursts of harmony to which the commoner parts are a necessary background.

Indeed, if he preserved only the faculty of scent unimpaired he might still be able to comprehend the thing, since, as I have said before, war in its commoner phases is not so much a sight as a great bad smell.

He soon mastered the moves and the chief gambits and commoner closing positions, and began to beat the Vicar.

It is true, Jeannette was treated with deference, and her food was sent to her from the officer's table, and she had privacy on the ship which the commoner prisoners had not.

The squares may be quite crowded with uniforms; or there may be only one gray coat in proportion to three or four black onesthis last is the commoner ratio.

" The widow stepped promptly forward to meet her new guests, and to show them into a commoner room, below stairs, when her movement was anticipated by the door's opening, and a man's standing on the threshold.

The commoner shirts are sold wholesale at 10s.

It is often the case that people of noble character and great mental gifts betray a strange lack of worldly wisdom and a deficiency in the knowledge of men, more especially when they are young; with the result that it is easy to deceive or mislead them; and that, on the other hand, natures of the commoner sort are more ready and successful in making their way in the world.

That man passed years in one of our largest towns, of no more apparent account among its population than any one of its commoner spirits, and of not half as much as one of its bustling brokers, or jobbers.

When men have gone through, together, as much as we three had experienced in company, indeed, the most trifling griefs of everyday life get to appear so insignificant, that our connection seems to be one of a nature altogether stronger than the commoner ties.

36 Words to use with  commoner