58 Words to use with concert

There was a volume and compass about it which can never be reached in a concert room.

It was taken up immediately by the populace and was sung in the streets and in homes and concert halls daily.

Thomas Thellefsen (1823-1874), a pupil and friend of Chopin, was distinguished as a national composer as well as a pianist, and Carl F.E. Neupert (1842-1888), who lived in America six years, did much by his concert tours and teaching to dignify Norse music.

De best singers is dem dat's longes' trainin' an' I'se feared some of us'll find it drefful hard ter git up ter de proper concert pitch in heaven ef we sings nuthin but lamentashuns on earth.

Parks concert quartets no.5.

If you prefer to be a concert-singer, my father had a cousin who married in England, where she has a good deal of influence in the musical world.

The first thirty concert studies for the violin.

" The concert-director straightened himself from that semi-military bow, and looked at the faces in front of him with a mute appeal.

(A concert-saloon manager.)

But John had no liking for the stage or the concert platform.

In the full concert join.

In the suburbs are circuses, open-air theaters, concert gardens, and other forms of entertainments, simple and serious.

Arrangements are to be made to provide entertainment by means of concert parties and motor-trips; also newspapers and periodicals, in which, to avoid annoyance, the "Situations Vacant" column has been blacked out.

But quick they back recoil, and wisely check Their eager haste; then o'er the fallowed ground How leisurely they work, and many a pause Th' harmonious concert breaks; till more assured With joy redoubled the low valleys ring.

Education of a concert-goer.

Collection of folk songs from the Young people's concert hour, with a foreword by George H. Gartlan. Illus.

The year 1769 was employed by Wolfgang in studying the Italian language, and in the practice of composition; and at this time he was appointed concert master to the court of Salzburg.

It so happened that Liszt, who had given up his career as concert pianist (though all the world was clamoring to hear him), and was conducting the Weimar Opera, had been preparing a performance of "Tannhäuser," to which Wagner would, under normal conditions, have been invited as a matter of course.

The most popular concert piano pieces, 7. New rev. ed.

He played two of his great concert pieces, and their intricate melodiesbrocaded, embroidered, festoonedpoured themselves through the windows into the garden in a procession majestic and impassioned, perturbing the intent soul of the solitary listener, swathing her in intoxicating sound.

A concert recitation to which special training has been given partakes of the nature of a hymn or a song, and then becomes an element of value.

The concert season lasts almost all the year round, though the highest class are limited to the winter and spring.

But is the feeling of which you speak sufficiently strong to induce you to retire from the brilliant career now opening before you, and devote yourself to concert-singing?" "There is one thing that makes me hesitate," rejoined she.

BOWEN, WILLIAM D. Six concert solos for banjo.

Concert songs for girls.

58 Words to use with  concert
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