27 Words to use with confidence

Many New Yorkers remember the firm of Melville & Ford, the cleverest pair of confidence men who ever undertook to fleece the wealthy lambs of the metropolis.

" CHAPTER XXIV Rolfe was spending a quiet evening in his room after a trying day's inquiries into a confidence trick case; inquiries so fruitless that they had brought down on his head an official reproof from Inspector Chippenfield.

The man who uses the confidence game contends with great assurance that his methods are like other business methods; that all men are using every means to get the largest return for the least effort, and one way is no better than another.

Confidence africaine.

Pitt then sent him in for the third time, saying, in a tone meant for the king to overhear: 'Tell His Majesty that in order to render the General [Wolfe] completely responsible for his conduct he should be made, as far as possible, inexcusable if he should fail; and that whatever an officer entrusted with such a service of confidence requests ought therefore to be granted.'

By description I should now guess him to you, it was Bessus, I dare almost with confidence pronounce it.

Here at least a tone of confidence rang in the Sergeant's voice.

For arts, like these, preferr'd, admir'd, caress'd, They first invade your table, then your breast; [y]Explore your secrets with insidious art, Watch the weak hour, and ransack all the heart; Then soon your ill-placed confidence repay, Commence your lords, and govern or betray.

Such mutual confidence breeds strength, and it was the Commander-in-Chief's example, his tact, energy, and military genius which made his Army a potent power for Britain and a strong pillar of the Allies' cause.

He concludes in these words: "I may then with confidence affirm, that the art of magic most certainly exists.

so these expatriated Britons had always a tale of confidence misplacedsecurity for a bondbail for a delinquent, or in short any hard case, which compelled them, much against their wills, to remain 'for a period' on the shores of France.

Tu ne dois la confidence que je vais

Gentlemen of the Senate and of the House of Representatives: Herewith I lay before you in confidence reports from the Departments of State and the Treasury, by which you will see the present situation of our affairs with the Dey and Regency of Algiers.

On Thee, O Lord, let all my confidence rest!

"For many year, long pefore t'is new part off t'e house wass puilt, we enjoyed t'e confidence unt patronage of Hiss Highness, t'e Prince of Zeit-Zeit, who spent at least two month in efery season here.

"A little confidence willwill" "Grease the wheels of progress?"

In person you are tolerably made, Nor in assurance will you be deficient: Self-confidence acquire, be not afraid, Others will then esteem you a proficient.

"Some high-class forger or confidence worker that's beat the government somehow, maybe.

"Still she has acted with such indiscretion that I can never place confidence in her again, and without confidence affection is as nought.

Now confidence assist me!A gentleman in the neighbourhood will answer for me JUSTICE His name MISS FLYN Pendulous JUSTICE That lives in the next street?

On one hand was the confidence begat of fifteen years of almost continuous victory over the crimson; on the other the desperation that such defeat brings.

The right improving of this ground would be of noble advantage to the student of holiness: for then he might with strong confidence conclude, that the work of sanctification should prosper in his hand; for he may now look upon himself as "quickened together with Christ," Eph. ii.

Now if the Father give unto us His Spirit, He will make us His true sons and heirs, that we may with confidence cry with Christ, Abba, Father; being His brethren and fellow heirs.

At every step she took she felt her self-confidence decreasing; her clothes, made by the village dressmaker from an undoubted French model, with which she had been more than satisfied only a few hours ago, seemed suddenly dowdy and ill-fashioned.

I do think I may with confidence hope for a blessing on this.

27 Words to use with  confidence