25 Words to use with conflicts

Nebraska annotations to the restatement of the Law of conflict laws.

(Weave the crimson web of war.) Let us go, and let us fly, Where our friends the conflict share, Where they triumph, where they die.

The conflict concerns, secondly, the use of the deductive (syllogistic) or the inductive method.

As the conflict deepens, Napoleon's fortunes are seen to be obviously in grave, if not critical, danger, but he strengthens his right wing and again hazards Hougoumont.

Now all kinds of possibilities of conflict emerge.

30 Where his glowing eye-balls turn, Thousand banners round him burn; Where he points his purple spear, Hasty, hasty rout is there; Marking, with indignant eye, Fear to stop and Shame to fly: There Confusion, Terror's child, Conflict fierce, and Ruin wild, Agony, that pants for breath, Despair and honourable Death.

What conflict grander and more sublime than this, in the whole history of society?

Cecilia Havergal [Illustration] Springs of Peace Springs of peace, when conflict heightens Thine uplifted eye shall see, Peace that strengthens calms, and brightens, Peace itself a victory.

But they were tentative steps in the direction of a federation of the world and they did mark a notable advance from the chaos and conflict incident to the planet-wide expansion of the European empires toward more stable economic and social conditions and more orderly international relationships.

'The conflict going on within me goes on within every man, but without this conflict life would be superficial; we shouldn't know the deeper life.

A pitched battle took place between the insurgents and the consular army, in which, after an obstinate conflict man against man, the Roman military skill at length decided the day with its last reserve.

The noise was tremendous, and all in camp were oppressed by the sound which told of a mighty conflict raging, but of which they could see absolutely nothing.

Of Finn he sang, And Dermaid, while the clash of conflict rang In billowy music through the heroes' hall And many a Fian gave the battle-call When Ossian sang.

Let the danger pass, let the roar of conflict recede in the distance, and Allies become impotent for any purpose except spying on each other and obstructing the work in hand.

If thou shouldst to the conflict rush, Opposed to conquering Saiáwush, Thy Turkish cohorts will be slain, And all thy saving efforts vain.


But in that conflict sin received its mortal wound.

Ah, that our natural wants and best affections Should thus in fierce, unnatural conflict struggle!

But then an outer conflict supervenes, which often becomes acute through the pressure of circumstances, in the face of which a deficiency of will may rise to the rank of an inexorable fate.

I still her dying conflict view, And the sad sight does all my grief renew; Rack'd by convulsive pains, she meekly lies, And gazes on me with imploring eyes; With eyes which beg relief, but all in vain, I see but cannot, cannot ease her pain.

A sudden conflict wages in her heart As she talks lightly to each courtier gay, Jealous impatience that the Gwendolaine Whom all men flatter, should be thwarted, fights A tender yearning to defy all pride And call him to her for one spoken word.

The elemental conflict wild; When, fold on fold, above was pil'd The watery swathe, careering on the wind.

But only that which is sensible is evident (sonnenklar); it is only where sensibility begins that all doubt and conflict cease.

The development is more advanced than it was in Great Britain at a corresponding time, for even before the United States entered the conflict women were being recruited in war industries.

The conflict centers, first, about the question concerning the origin of human knowledge and the sphere of its validity.

25 Words to use with  conflicts