50 Words to use with conscience

But when in May, 1843, the great Disruption took place, when four-hundred and seventy-four ministers of the Church of Scotland took up their cross for Christ, resigning their earthly livings for conscience sake, the duchess was deeply moved by this heroic act of self-denial, and eventually, after much thought and prayer, she joined the Free Church, becoming a member of Free St. Luke's Church.

I know one seed-gatherer who, whenever he robs the squirrels, scatters wheat or barley beneath the trees as conscience-money.

But finding the state has no farther occasion for me and my ink, I retire willingly to draw it out into speculations more becoming a philosopher; having, to my unspeakable comfort, passed a long life with a conscience void of offence."

"Let 'em bring in their own traps," he commented, and Aunt Margaret fled, ashamed and conscience-smitten, to the kitchen.

* But grant, the virtues of a temperate prime Bless with an age exempt from scorn or crime; An age that melts with unperceived decay, And glides in modest innocence away; Whose peaceful day Benevolence endears, Whose night congratulating Conscience cheers; The general favourite as the general friend: Such age there is, and who shall wish its end?

Castellion contre Calvin; ou, Conscience contre violence.

" "I wish you a better conscience-keeper," rejoined Francis Jackson, rising as he spoke.

My own conscience witnesses in behalf of that innocence, my pretensions to which are regarded in the world as incredible.

Though it should sleep for ever to the world, It is a simple sin to hide my self, Which will for ever on my conscience lie. Are.

Conscience hath claimed her toll and is content.

The case of Human Rights against Slavery has been adjudicated in the court of conscience times innumerable.

"No," said she, addressing her husband with a smile; "thee need not let thy conscience trouble thee.

" Our own conscience doth dictate so much unto us, we know there is a God and nature doth inform us; Nulla gens tam barbara (saith Tully) cui non insideat haec persuasio Deum esse; sed nec Scytha, nec Groecus, nec Persa, nec Hyperboreus dissentiet (as Maximus Tyrius the Platonist ser.

You could marry the Prince without having me on your conscience forevermore.

banish from my bed Each form of grief, each form of dread, And all that can the soul with horror shake: Let not the ghastly fiends admission find, Which conscience forms to haunt the guilty mind

Your Romaine end, to make men Imagine your strong conscience fortifide, No, nor your ground Religion.

Are yo' corresponding wif some other female?" RASTUS"Nope; but since ah been a-readin' in de papers 'bout dese 'conscience funds' ah kind of thought ah might possibly git a lettah from dat ministah what married us.

And when the road forks, ary side, And you're in doubt which one it is, Stand still, and let y'r conscience guide: Thank God, it can't lead much amiss!

I vent no slander, owe no grudge, Nor of another's conscience judge: At him, or him, I take no aim, Yet dare against all vice declaim.

Then inward turn at once thy searching eyes; Thence shalt thou see the central truth arise From which no lofty soul goes e'er astray; There shalt thou miss no needful guiding sign For conscience lives, and still its light divine Shall be the sun of all thy moral day.

Goethe had set the example by his conscience marriage with Christiane Vulpius.

With all these difficulties constantly before them, who can wonder that a kind-hearted planter, while gazing on the cheerful and happy faces of his well-fed and well-housed slaves, should look distrustfully at emancipation, and strive to justify to his conscience opposition to any plan, however gradual, which leads thereto.

In mercy hear my humble cry, Redeem my soul from sin, My guilty conscience pacify And speak the peace serene.

Even little James Whalley had conscience-pangs as he looked at Isabel, for he had been engaged for five years; but the poet's heart, that is, all the combustible portion of it, was already burnt to a cinder.

I looked on theatres (never having been to one) as traps set by Satan for the destruction of foolish souls; I was quite determined never to go to a ball, and was prepared to "suffer for conscience sake"little prig that I wasif I was desired to go to one.

50 Words to use with  conscience