5 Words to use with console

KIKI-THE-DEMURE makes his toilet on a narrow console-table.

I thought of the Latin poet who wished to reassure and console men by showing them truth as unveiled as a statue.

Tu fais fort bien, Lisette: cette fierté- te va à merveille, et, quoiqu'elle me fasse mon procès, je suis pourtant bien aise de te la voir; je te l'ai souhaitée d'abord que je t'ai vue: il te falloit encore cette grâce-, et je me console d'y perdre, parce que tu y gagnes.

Imagine if your father were watching that aspirin commercial back in 1955 on his old console television.

Stopped first at the doctor's an' sent him out, though I knowed 't wouldn't do no good; Sonny wouldn't 'low him to tech it; but I sent him out anyway, to look at it, an', ef possible, console wife a little.

5 Words to use with  console