50 Words to use with constructions

He was bound West from Montreal, and in the morning would resume his labors at a construction camp.

As they stood in the doorway, gazing at the forest-lined river and distant bluffs, hearing the clang of steel on steel, as construction work went forward, catching the roar of cataracts in Nelson River, and tingling with the keen air of the northern summer, life seemed a new creation, so different was it from the days of war.

ARTMAN, CHARLES E. The construction industry in Minnesota, by Charles E. Artman, Arthur M. Borak, Kenneth T. Setre & Roland S. Vaile.

HUNTINGTON, VERA A. Building construction materials and types of construction.

Three dimension models of the basic crystallographic forms; construction kit.

The cars were slowing and he imagined the operator had tried to run a construction train across the section before the express came up.

Some of it not much used now, since winter had come, but under Marty's leadership, a skating rink construction gang had thrown up a dirt embankment in a low spot near the creek and then cut a channel far enough upstream to flood about four acres of swamp.

BIEHL, FLORENCE H. Building construction estimating. SEE COOPER, GEORGE H. BILLINGTON, LILLIAN E. Teacher's manual to accompany Using words, an enriched spelling program.

Construction equipment.

Lister thought the thing was done with, and when a letter arrived from the construction office, telling him to stay until he felt able to resume his work, resigned himself to rather dreary idleness.

At four o'clock in the morning the latter post was fired on by a Turkish cavalry patrol, and an hour later it was evident that the enemy intended to try to drive us off the ridge, his occupation of which would have given him the power to harass railway construction parties by shell-fire, even if it did not entirely stop the work.

If the students cannot go to far off places and have to stay back during vacations, they are advised to take up campaigns or undertake studies on local problems like child labour, environmental degradation, construction workers' rights, etc.

If, reversing things, the point, s{1}, is carried around the construction curve, the point, s{2}, will inscribe the desired section in its natural dimensions.

UNDERWOOD, G. Standard construction methods.

He is a thick-necked, red-faced manin the dynamite corps on the railroad, the construction department.

" "We're over at the bookkeeping shackthe office of the construction company," said Barney, red with embarrassment.

Ships aloft; a construction book for future flyers, by Clayton Knight & Harold Platt.

These sums were for construction purposes only.

Construction estimates and costs.

If I hand it over to another engineer, or a construction firm, it will cost me more than I get out of it.

Here arbitrary construction glides amidst the confusion of testimony; there it presumes upon the want of evidence, and from one cause or another it is extremely rare, that a refusal to bail has delivered the accused into the hands of justice.

The construction apo koinou in the Germanic languages.

" Migwan drew the construction lines as indicated in the book and labored valiantly to understand why the Angle A was equal to its alternate, DBA, her brow puckered into a studious frown.

SEE Coxe, Wallace H. Tunnel construction ventilation with Du Pont Ventube.

[powered construction vehicles] tractor, steamshovel, backhoe, fork lift, earth mover, dump truck, bulldozer, grader, caterpillar, trench digger, steamroller; pile driver; crane, wrecking crane.

50 Words to use with  constructions